Reflections from ACE

Social Justice Warriors

Throughout this year, we have focused on a number of social justice issues during our weekly seminars. What is one issue that you learned about that you did not know about before? Have you continued to learn more about this issue and if so, how? Finally, what do other people need to know about this…
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March 16, 2021 46

Women in History

Happy Women’s History Month! To start celebrating the accomplishments of women, provide a profile of an influential woman. Tell us why this person means so much to you, how they have impacted or inspired you, and why other people should know about them. This can be a woman that is in your life like your…
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March 2, 2021 44

Black History in America

Reflect on what you have learned in school about Black history in this country. Has your view of our country’s history changed in light of recent current events? How and why? What are your thoughts on the ways in which Black history is portrayed and taught? What/who is being left out when having these conversations…
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February 1, 2021 51

Reflection on the Year

This year has seen immense challenges including the pandemic, racial violence, and more. How have these events impacted you, campus, and the broader community? Are you able to reflect on the news each day, and if so how? How have you taken time to care for yourself and find gratitude/positivity amongst the challenges?

November 2, 2020 47

Code Switching

This past week as a part of #DoTheWork you were asked to read and reflect on code switching. How would you explain code switching to someone who has never heard of the term before? After completing #DoTheWork Day 18: Code Switching, have you noticed yourself or the people around you code switching? If yes, please…
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October 16, 2020 76

Committing to Civic Engagement

One of the Bonner common commitments is Civic Engagement, defined as “when we participate intentionally as a citizen in the democratic process, actively engaging in public policy and social action.” Reflect on how you are seeing civic engagement in your own life, on campus, and in the news. This can include but is not limited…
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October 2, 2020 50


This past week as a part of #DoTheWork you were asked to watch a video, read, and reflect on Day 12: Racism in the Courtroom. To your understanding, what is mass incarceration? How, if at all, has mass incarceration disproportionally impacted people of color? Based on what you have learned from the resources, how do…
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September 16, 2020 77

Bonner Visions

We talked about visions of the past, present, and future during SGU 2020. What have you been noticing and seeing about the world around you since we left campus in March? What are your visions for this semester? What are your goals for service? Academics? The larger community?

August 27, 2020 51

Bonner Meetings | Highlights From the Semester

In a recent blog post, Bonners were asked to reflect on the trainings they’ve participated in this semester and share what “stuck with them” days or weeks after participating gin the meeting. Here are some of our Bonners’ reflections about the trainings they participated in this semester. During Winter Retreat 2020, Bonners participated in a…
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April 28, 2020 0

Bonner Class of 2020 | A Message From Our Seniors

This year has been full of unexpected changes and has challenged our world to adapt and change to unprecedented situations. The Siena College Bonner Service Leaders have met these challenges with courage and commitment to continue to give their best to everything they do. The Class of 2020 has always been one full of energy,…
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April 28, 2020 0