The Center for Academic Community Engagement

About the Center

The Center for Academic Community Engagement (ACE) facilitates collaborative efforts among students, postgraduates, faculty, administrators, community partners, and community members to address social injustice in the Capital Region and beyond. We work together in peace and respect to co-create knowledge and foster a world that is more just, peaceable and humane.

In 2018, ACE celebrated a decade of service to the campus and surrounding communities and looks forward to continuing to grow its impact in the coming years.

What We DoOur place-based programs connect ACE members with nonprofits to serve in direct and indirect positions to build capacity within these organizations. Placements range from 9-weeks to multi-year and are based on both the needs of the community partner and the interests and skills of the member.

ACE Nonprofit Excellence and Transformation (NExT) services offers students opportunities to apply their education in collaborative projects supporting local nonprofits.

As a center, ACE helps students, postgraduates, faculty, administrators, and staff to engage in the community and work with those most impacted by issues of social injustice. Many members participate in multiple programs throughout their time at ACE, often crossing the place-based/project-based line as they develop and grow as engaged academics and leaders.

For more information about the partnerships that ACE maintains and reflections from our members, click on the links in the menu above!

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