Bonner Class of 2020 | A Message From Our Seniors

Bonner Class of 2020 | A Message From Our Seniors

April 28, 2020 Stories from ACE 0

This year has been full of unexpected changes and has challenged our world to adapt and change to unprecedented situations. The Siena College Bonner Service Leaders have met these challenges with courage and commitment to continue to give their best to everything they do.

The Class of 2020 has always been one full of energy, passion, and dedication to their Capital Region, Bonner, and Siena communities, and we are sad not to be able to come together during our usual end-of-year celebrations to recognize the mark they’ve left on our community. In true Bonner fashion, this has not stopped them- in preparation for our last Bonner meeting of the year, which will occur via Zoom, the Bonner Class of 2020 has written a collective poem with a message for their Bonner community. It can be found below. 

Who knew when we started in 2016 our college career would end so fast.
Although I am sad, I wouldn’t change the last four years together, I will always cherish our past. 

The class of 2020 from the start has been a crazy group
But our differences work together, like alphabet soup.

What will make us truly miss our beautiful campus this coming fall,
Are the countless memories we have together that are too many to recall. 

I don’t know I’m ready to say goodbye to you all
But thanks for making it a ball.

Although Bonner requires hard work and dedication
I would not change a moment of our four-year duration.

I could not have predicted that it would end like this,
But Bonner is sure a family that I will miss.

As Bonners, we make the impossible happen,
you all have inspired us in more ways than we could possibly imagine.

It’ll never be easy, that’s for sure
But it’s our job to love and make sure we endure.

So thanks to the program that gave us so many memories,
We B-Love you all and enjoy these times before it is time to leave.

Amelia Butler, Jamie del Rosario, Kylie Gilbride, Grace Harris, Ivory Moore, Andraya Perez, Hayley Pijanowski, Aedan Raleigh, Liliana Sanchez Adames, and Kayla Sweet
Bonner Service Leaders Class of 2020