Bonner Partner Spotlight | Troy Prep-Siena Writing Center

Bonner Partner Spotlight | Troy Prep-Siena Writing Center

April 28, 2020 Stories from ACE 0

This past fall, I started my position as the Troy Prep Writing Center Coordinator at Troy Prep High School. When I found out about my new position the summer before school started, I was a bit anxious about being in charge of something this important. Having been in the Peer Tutoring in Writing class with Anne Glynn the previous semester, I was aware of how important this position was going to be. A writing center is a place where students need to feel comfortable and inspired to become better writers. As the Writing Center Coordinator, it became my job to make this happen.

My first semester at Troy Prep was an experience that I will never forget. I had the privilege of observing various class sessions to grasp the dynamic of the school. Being a future teacher myself, it was amazing to watch how these teachers held their scholars’ attention for the whole class session. It was also inspiring to see how intelligent and motivated these scholars were. After observing for a full semester, I knew I was in the right school to start a writing center.

Unfortunately, the Troy Prep Writing Center had to be cut short due to the global pandemic, but nonetheless it was an amazing start. We had a full week of tutoring and it was a success! The teachers were eager to sign their scholars up, and the scholars were excited and motivated to seek help with their papers. Overall, my site is such an amazing, welcoming environment, and I am so happy that I had the honor of working with some of these scholars. I can’t wait until next fall when we get the ball rolling again!

Nancy Rasmussen ’22
Bonner Service Leader, Troy Prep-Siena Writing Center