The Power of Networking

The Power of Networking

November 5, 2018 Reflections from Changemakers 49

The networking mixer is quickly approaching! This will be a great opportunity to make connections with our partners, and hear more about what is going on in the community we serve!

If you are doing this blog before the networking mixer please base your response on the following questions:

  • Who do you want to have in your personal and professional networks?
  • What steps do you need to take to start building your network?
If you are completing this blog after attending the networking mixer, please use these questions to guide your response:
  • Who did you meet at the networking mixer?
  • How might those you met influence the building of your future?
  • What steps will you take to follow up with those new connections built?

49 Responses

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  4. Kiara Woodward says:

    Who do you want to have in your personal and professional networks?
    What steps do you need to take to start building your network?

    I want professors and professionals who can connect me to opportunities in my network. I will take steps to get there by first putting in the work. I will make sure to do work worth recognizing and then attempt to network by reaching out to people. It is important when networking to go in willing to learn. That is exactly what I would do. Networking can seem intimidating especially at the mixer so I find it important to go in with a small group to take some of the pressure off of myself. These are the steps I would take when attempting to get people in my network.

  5. Tom Ruhl says:

    At the networking mixer I was lucky enough to meet Tammy from TRIP and a psychology professor who is looking to get involved with a community engaged course. Although neither of the people I met are super relevant to my future career as a Social Studies teacher, they were both very interesting and I enjoyed the conversations I had with them. I should try and stay in touch.

  6. Emerald Power says:

    In the last 3 1/2 years I have realized the benefits of personal and professional networking. As individuals we feed and give off of others playing to each others strengths. When networking we are able to begin that initial contact and relationships with others. Learning about others strengths and fostering relationships is a beneficial skill for the long-term.

  7. Skylar Nijhawan says:

    One very interesting person I met at the Networking Mixer was the man from Waves International. We had a very interesting conversation on how travel can cause you to want to change the world. He told us of how his trip to peru to surf made him realize how to use work and reward into changing the world. He explained that he would have children either cleaning beaches or taking an English class and would be rewarded with a surfboard and a lesson. It not only helped the children and the environment but also made a change in both his life and theirs. His initiative really changed my view on how I want to travel and make a difference and that it is possible to have both and do it together.

  8. Kayla Sweet says:

    Building my personal network is something I’ve been working on this year quite bit. Although I respect the relationships that Siena and ACE with community partners and others in the community I strive to connect with people separately. Something I said to the underclassmen at the networking mixer was that an interaction with a community partner don’t have to be a monumental conversation where everyone’s life is change but rather a moment of connecting, person to person that’ll be remembered.

  9. Meghan Conboy says:

    I met a great contact at Capital Roots. She was excited to hear about the impactSAVE programming at CMA. I also talked to individuals from St. Anne’s Institute and TRIP.

    Connections are crucial for CMA because we are a new and growing nonprofit that can greatly benefit from community support. I plan to reach out to her because she has a nonprofit connection who would be a great support to CMA. I have her contact information, so I plan to send her an email and invite her to check out our programming as it expands.

  10. Isabella Barone says:

    I got to meet several people at the networking mixer, and it was so fascinating to here how they all related to ACE. I met Dr. Trees at the networking mixer who so happens to be my economics professor for next semester, which we both found very funny. I hope to maintain our conversation about Bonner and how social work and economics cross over and to hopefully have our class focus on service in some part. I consider myself lucky that I can maintain this connection and expand on it over the next semester!

  11. Kenia Ramirez says:

    This networking mixer was a little different for me because my supervisor and others from my SWRK internship came. This gave us an opportunity to bring awareness to the runaway homeless youth shelter at St. Anne’s Institute. Throughout the night I introduced my supervisor and the case manager to others in ACE and organizations. The purpose was to create relationships with other that we could collaborate with. To build a relationship we will reach out to those we met and stay in touch.

  12. Justin Kenyon says:

    At this year’s networking mixer one important meeting for me was to reconnect with those at TRIP. My past site has always been special to me. Although it was great to reconnect one thing that came out of the meeting was TRIP showing interest in a CPI project. In order to keep connections like these, I hope to help plan more projects.

  13. Julia says:

    Overall, I had a lot of fun at this year’s networking mixer! I spoke with several vistas and one professor. The first vista I spoke with works at the Underground Railroad Project. From this conversation I learned that in Albany you can visit the Myers residence (an abolitionist couple) and a stop on the Underground Railroad. This conversation influenced my future because I realized that I miss learning about history. So, I decided to join history club! In order to follow up with this conversation I want to visit the Underground Railroad Project when I have a free weekend or during a service day! I also spoke with a vista from Saint Anne’s. It was difficult to hear about the challenges people in Albany are facing right now. I would like to research more about this non-profit in order to better understand the community and the crises they are facing.

  14. Kathryn Casey says:

    An individual I talked to the most at the mixer was a VISTA from the Underground Railroad Project whose job was to get more people involved and spread information about her organization. I really enjoyed how open she was and her conversation. It made me want to be able to be less shy and converse as easily as she did. The second individual I talked to the most was an economic professor from Siena. We discussed the importance of being well rounded and the connections between majors and career interests. He made me consider taking some classes I never would of thought of and was a great resource.

  15. Kate Callery says:

    The networking mixer was a great opportunity to get to know the community around Siena and within Siena. Though I really enjoyed meeting new people, my favorite part was connecting with people I had already known but exploring new topics and opportunities. The networking mixer made me eager to get involved in new projects and really diversify my involvement on and off campus. I also was able to see how different partners, people, and events were connected which was cool!

  16. Megan Jones says:

    During the ACE Networking mixer, I met Dave Aabo from WAVES International. He helped build up WAVES International, which is a nonprofit based in Peru that works on teaching people how to surf and building community through community centers. I also spoke with Dr. Kassel regarding the Food Summit next semester. I don’t think the people that I met and spoke with during the mixer are going to directly influence my future as it seemed to be more of gaining an understanding of work is being done at non-profits in the area and globally, which is not something I am sure I am looking to work for. I think, on the other hand, interacting with these people helped me to gain a better understanding of how to network with people from different backgrounds as well as talk about the work that I am doing. I do not plan to reach out to any of these individuals in the future, with the exception of potentially volunteering at the Food Summit again, mostly because it did not feel I personally made any strong suitable connections. Though, it was really cool to hear about what is going on around our local areas and in different countries through the hard work that non-profits commit to.

  17. Justin says:

    IN my personal and professional networks I want to connect with people who are passionate about there practice and determined to complete goals. To build my network I make sure I treat people with respect and talk to many people throughout the day. It helps me build my people skills. I realized early that it’s important who you know in the world instead of what you know.

  18. Harriet Koblenzer says:

    Who did you meet at the networking mixer?
    I met a representative from waves international. This organization connects volunteers with community-based tourism groups. I had never hear of this not-for-profit group before and it expanded my knowledge of different non profit sectors.
    I also met with an employee from St. Anne’s Institute, which is a school in Albany. The employee was so nice and really impressed me with the work they are doing there.

  19. Sydney Maughan says:

    Who did you meet at the networking mixer?
    I met a few people, but talked mostly to the director from the WAVES international foundation. I also talked with several other students in the ACE programs as well as the 2 people that came from my site; TRIP.

    How might those you met influence the building of your future?
    Dave Aabo from WAVES International had the biggest impact on me. I learned a lot about what he does and what experiences he’s gone through to get him where he is today.

    What steps will you take to follow up with those new connections built?
    Maintaining contact with them so I can continue to learn from them and possibly become involved in their organization, in order to get a feel for different type of work.

  20. Tristan Hunzinger says:

    Who did you meet at the networking mixer?

    At the mixer, I met various people from different non-profit organizations and businesses. I spoke with members from the ACE Department, TRIP, and professors from here at Siena. It was great to learn about the things they do and the impact they have on the community.

    How might those you met influence the building of your future?

    Networking is an essential part of creating a successful future. Although I am pursuing a health-related profession, it was still a great opportunity to chat with people who have jobs in other areas. Getting my name out there into the community can only benefit me in the long run.

    What steps will you take to follow up with those new connections built?

    Emailing those who I spoke with and following up with my name and asking any other possible questions I still have about their careers and their community involvement.

  21. Andrew Tessman says:

    I met Dave Aabo from WAVES International. WAVES International is a nonprofit organization in Peru that teaches people how to surf and also works toward building community and community centers.
    Anyone could be a connection in the future, sometimes we are just not aware of it at the time. I did not get a whole lot out of the mixer, I never have in the past, but that’s solely because it is not a mixer for what I want to do. The mixer is definitely great overall, and I know that it helps a lot of people, making some great connections. But it’s not the end of the world if some people don’t. I don’t plan on actively seeking out the people I met at this event, for that’s kinda weird and unnecessary, but that’s just me right now. I don’t plan on doing something in this field/area right now and not even in the near future. Maybe in the far future, but not right now.

  22. Ivory Moore says:

    Who do you want to have in your personal and professional networks? In my personal networks, I would like to have my roomate Masiel, for introducing me to healthier ways to take care of myself, and maintaining healthy ways of thinking and handling situations. I also would like to have someone who is more cold hearted, black and white, and more straightforward, to help make tough decisions. I also want to keep George in my professional networks. Whenever an opportunity comes, George is good at advising what’s best.
    What steps do you need to take to start building your network? In order to build my network, I plan to attend different meetings and events to engage in others ideas and also share my own. Next semester, I am spending the semester at American University in Washington DC. There, I will be visiting all aspects of law in DC while visiting organizations and interning at places like NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus. This well help build my professional and personal network tremendously, I am looking forward to this.

  23. Hayley Pijanowski says:

    At the Networking Mixer I was able to meet various community partners and talk with them about the work that I do within ACE, as well as the work they do in connection with ACE. Being part of the ACE network is very important and has already provided me with the opportunity to meet so many different people. I am able to network and get to know people, as well as grow within my own service site. I enjoyed being able to introduce the people I work with at TRIP to my friends and other people within the ACE network. I will continue to make strong connections with people in conversation and reach out when I want to further a connection.

  24. Monique Lawrence says:

    I was not able to attend the networking mixer this year so I will respond to the questions for before the event.

    Who do you want to have in your personal and professional networks?

    I would want to have a range of people from different careers because they will each bring a range of skills and ideas from their experiences and may be able to find a way to connect all of them into a possible project or program. Based on the fact that I have changed my interests and goals many times since I have started college, I want my personal and professional networks to show that.

    What steps do you need to take to start building your network?

    I can start talking to people who are in different practices than me and connect through common goals in order to continue growing my connections. I would also like to update my LinkedIn profile and resume in order to show the different skills I was able to gain since starting college.

  25. Alexee Seifert says:

    At the networking mixer I interacted with many people. I meet many VISTA students and many siena professors and others that work in the ACE office. I also interacted with with other community partners that have other Bonners at their work place. I feel that the connections I made will help me when being able to have connections and relationships In many different areas and fields. the people I met can help develop my future by helping me get internships and connections and opportunities I wouldn’t have without meeting these people. These people can help me improve in My field and help me develop as a whole through the experiences I can acquire through them. they can also help me out when it comes to learning new things and being able to help me grow as a person . In the future , I will Reach out to them and follow up with the people I met through email and ask about any opportunities and what they are working on. I will also reach out to them to see if they need any extra help or have any available jobs for me to gain experience.

    What steps will you take to follow up with those new connections built?

  26. Dana Wakeman says:

    At the networking mixer, I met many students who participate in CPI and learned more about their projects. I talked with Jim about his project that will help to make all of the busses in New York State more sustainable. Meeting CPI members will help me in the future because we don’t learn too much about their program and it’s important to remember and recognize the great work that they do. In the future, I will follow-up with the CPI members about how their projects turned out and what the partners thought of them.

  27. Kevin Ziobrowski says:

    I talked to Jacob, a Syracuse grad who works for Albany food banks. This could be helpful to my future as it could create possible connections to Capital roots, and tackle food issues as a cooperative effort. I will try and reach out to him if there is any reason capital roots wants to contact the food bank.

  28. Nicole Pazarecki says:

    I thought the networking mixer was a successful night because I think most of the ACE members made connections with community partners. At the mixer I met a VISTA who works at the DA’s office and a representative from Saint Anne’s. Both interactions were great because we discussed ideas and insights about our site and jobs. Also I exchanged ideas about social media with the VISTA that I made and I got some great feedback. I hope to work with them in the future!

  29. Liliana Sanchez Adames says:

    I made a connection with Ashley from St. Annes through Kenia which was amazing. Ashley told me about this street outreach project she would like to start which basically involves having an emt/ambulance drive around the streets of downtown albany and provide with first aid care for the residents in the area and if needed refer them to further care to a provider. I love this idea because I want to be a doctor and healthcare is my true passion. I work with the director of Albany Med through my job as a scribe; therefore I have the connections to present this project to him and have him help us out with the medical equipment necessary to make this happen. I look forward to working with Ashley and make this happen!!

  30. A'Livija Mullins-Richard says:

    I actually didn’t do much networking at this mixer. I was very focused on the guest that I brought with me which is a former Siena alum that is a teacher at my former middle school (and was also my teacher). I have been talking about changing things at Troy Prep for a while now but I haven’t really been taking the steps to do so. I have decided that in order to approach the problem I will need to talk more to teachers there, parents, and eventually students. I will also need to do more research on Uncommon schools which “owns” Troy Prep.

    I don’t think this is something I can fix anytime soon. I will be doing my research and hopefully by the time I graduate, I will have enough knowledge and resoursces that will be beneficial for the school. But for now, I will try to find a way that Capital Roots can do something with the students at Troy Prep.

  31. Shelby Doren says:

    I met many different people at the mixer, I was able to build a closer relationship with one of my political science teachers. This will help me to further my studies at Siena and take on research opportunities in the political science department. Being I am a political science major it is important for me to have close relationships with my teachers that work in that department. To continue to work on my connection with my teacher I have stopped by after class to talk with her and I plan on going to office hours to speak with her as well.


  32. shaylaencarnacion says:

    I met a lot of different community partners and faculty members at the networking mixer. I met Dr. Scott Trees, and a few people from places like IPH, Capital Roots, St. Anne’s Institute, and TRIP. It was interesting to talk to all of them and understand their capacity and contribution to the public sphere. Dr. Scott Trees is actually an Economics professor here at Siena which I think will be very impactful to my future as I hope to pursue a graduate degree in Economics. I hope to follow up with him and see where that connection goes.


  33. Amelia Butler says:

    I would really, looking forward, would love to build both my personal and professional network in the near future. I would like to form more personal connections with other members of ACE programs as well as with community partners and faculty. I would also like to build more professional connections with the same people. It is important to interact with people on multiple levels and areas. At the networking mixer this year, I was able to connect with some of the Vistas working through the ACE office, specifically Nicole who is working with the DA’s office. We spoke about working with social media and nonprofits and some ideas for increased social media exposure for non-profit organizations. It would be interesting to reconnect with Nicole at some point to see how our suggestions worked out.

  34. Ecli Vazquez says:

    I met kind lady from trip. As well as a lot of people from CPI. I loved hearing about their projects that they were working on and how they make a change. Also I learned about how they work to make a change in the community. In order to follow up with the people I was able to receive their emails.
    Overall, it was a good time

  35. Madison Kousoulas says:

    At the Networking Mixer I spoke with many faculty members including Dr. Moya and Dr. Thurston. I also talked with Sister Betsy from Catholic Charities. The most prominent conversation that I had was with Dr. Moya in speaking about my Educational Studies minor. I had explained to him that I plan on becoming a school psychologist after graduate school. I had also said that I declared my minor and plan on taking education classes next semester. The advice he gave me was to let my education professors know of my intentions in order to help me gain more from my studies. He let me know that if I were to mention that I want to be a school psychologist to them, they can help me with my interning process in order to make sure that I can get work in a school. I will absolutely use this advice and when I start taking classes in the education department, I will speak with my professors.

  36. Nancy Rasmussen says:

    At the Networking mixer I met Dr. Moya, who is an assistant professor for education here at Siena. It was really nice finally speaking to him because I’ve heard so many positive things about him as a professor. It was also really nice speaking to him because I’m an English Edu major so I’ll hopefully have a class with him in the near future. Meeting Dr. Moya may influence the building of my future in regards to my future schedules. I definitely want to take a class taught by him in my future years at Siena. One step I will take to follow up with my new connection built will be to email Dr. Moya and express how great our conversation was and how I’m looking forward to hopefully taking one of his classes in the near future.

  37. Andraya Perez says:

    At the Networking mixer I finally got to meet Tammy from TRIP. We have been emailing back and forth about the service I was planning for TRIP so it was so nice to finally put a face to the emails. Tammy was so sweet and friendly in person! I want to keep a good connection with her because in the future I’d love to do a service day again with TRIP. I think by talking about doing possible events partnered with TRIP will keep a positive relationship between Tammy and I.

  38. Danielle Dreyer says:

    At the networking mixer, I mostly interacted with some professors here at Siena, as well as some other students from ACE programs that I have seen before, but have never talked to. The people that I talked to will mostly interact with my experiences here at Siena, which I feel is important as a freshmen. They will especially help me build my future because they are open to giving advice, are willing to help with something I need, and know a lot more about Siena than I do. As a Bonner, it was also helpful talking to professors that are also community members because it helped me gain a better perspective of what Bonners can do to help and interact with the community. In following up with them, I will ensure that I will make myself available to help them when needed, and follow up on some discussions I had with them- which included ideas to improve some things on campus. Overall, I am happy that I had interacted with the people I did, because it expanded my network here on campus which was previously pretty small considering I am still somewhat new to Siena.

  39. Jamie del Rosario says:

    Right now my professional network is a mix of individuals involved in non-profit work and student affairs, which follows my own professional goals. In the Capital District my non-profit connections include Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless, RISSE, OASAS, and Siena College ACE. Expanded, this includes Salvation Army, Camp Acorn, Midnight Run, Several Sources Shelter, and CARE. My student affairs connections include Siena College, RPI, Rider, and a few other universities in the northeast area.

    As for building my network, going into my senior year it is time to start reaching out to some of the individuals I am connected with and expanding those relationships. This can be useful for access to professional knowledge as well as job searches. I am excited to build those relationships and see where they can lead me in my own personal journey.

  40. Marlie Frisco says:

    I hope to have people in the medical profession in my network. It is important to have people that can connect you with others as well as potentially obtain new volunteer opportunities. Being able to speak to people within this field will allow me to have a broader range of knowledge and experiences. I hope to build this network by continually communicating with doctors both in Albany and at home. In addition, I plan on expanding my knowledge of medical information by taking additional classes that qualify me to speak to physicians in an educated manner. I am lucky enough to have a large network of friends and family that encourage me to do my best, but networking professionally will further my progression towards my future aspirations.

  41. Michael Averill says:

    I would like to start developing my network as soon as possible. This way, I can make connections that will benefit me throughout my time at Siena and my time with The Bonner Program. Specifically, I am very interested in having people who work in political science and social justice in my professional network, as they are the ones who would provide me with opportunities within the fields that I find interesting. I hope that at the networking mixer I can speak with people who tackle social justice issues everyday through their personal work. I also hope that I can connect with Siena political science professors on a personal level which will help me gain opportunities as I navigate their department the next four years.
    The steps I need to take in order to develop my network all stem from experience. I need to continue to take classes that challenge me intellectually, so that I can have a better understanding of government and policy. Also, I need to take up any opportunities that I can in working with people that I would like to have in my network. All of this begins with a conversation about what that person does and how I could get involved with their work or research. The process of building a network starts with confidence in my own abilities, combined with educational experiences.

  42. Samantha Gisleson says:

    Who do you want to have in your personal and professional networks?

    After leaving Siena I would like to have a variety of people in my network. I would like to have professors, administrators, and students from Siena in my network. I would also like to have people such as Bonners, community partners, CPIs, and Vistas in my network, Lastly, I hope that my network also includes people such as CEO’s or other people of that nature who I could have met during an internship or lecture at Siena. The point I am trying to make is that I hope to utilize my time at Siena to create a network with a variety of different people. I hope that by the time I graduate I will have created relationships with many different people from many different aspects of life. Whether they be Siena professors or administrators, business professionals, or community partners from non-profits, I hope that my network will give me a variety of different people to reach out to after graduation.

    What steps do you need to take to start building your network?

    Some steps I can take to build this network include attending office hours to create better connections with professors, or attending lectures to talk to the different business professionals to make connections with them. Another thing I could do is update my resume and create business cards to help create my network that way. In my experience, networking is all about putting yourself out there and putting effort into making relationships and connections with other people, so that is what I plan to do!

  43. Rayan Omer says:

    One of my ultimate goals during my time at Siena is to make as many connections with the people around me, whether it’s from other Bonners, peers, teachers, etc. Going into the Networking Mixer I plan on making a few connections. It’s better to surround yourself around people that bring you up along with them rather than bring you down. Also having someone that can aid you on the right path in life, is something everyone needs. It’s better to have a few people you can go to before and after graduating for advice or even just to catch up with. In order to reach this goal I need to branch out more, learn to be more confident as a speaker, and believe in my abilities.

  44. Emma Henderschedt says:

    Personal and professional networking has been something that I have learned at Siena. In my network, I have been able to gain many professionals that have assisted me in internship opportunities as well as future career ideas. As a Bonner Service Leader I have been able to have my supervisor as well as many staff at the District Attorneys Office in my network. This has helped me learn more about the legal profession. As a Summer Legal Fellow I was able to add social justice attorneys into my network that have inspired me to want to get into immigration work. Finally, as an intern at the WAGE Center for my social work field placement, I have been able to network with many social service resources in Albany which have helped me put clients in contact with services that can best meet the needs of that given client. As I continue to gain experience I hope to gain more professionals within the legal profession into my network. This will help me be able to learn and discover about careers that would best suit my passions.

    In order to build this network, I will need to put myself out there. This means attending meetings, taking initiative to introduce myself to staff, and getting involved in programs outside of just the walls of my internship. All of these opportunities give me chances to meet with professionals who can be of great assistance to me as I transition out of Siena and into the real world (or at least Law School).

  45. Abby Hoekman says:

    I would like to add a few professors from the psych department into my personal and professional networks as I have recently begun forming an idea of what I may want to be in my future. By taking more classes with a variety of professors I will be exposed to more teaching styles and an array of experiences, whether it be in field work, research, teaching, or counseling. These connections will allow me to ask questions about their various career choices and how I can better determine what path may be the right one for me. Beyond professors, I would like to maintain my current connections at Unity House but also expand beyond the development team and make connections in the Human Resource Department. Furthermore, I want to have a strong personal network of friends and mentors that I can rely on to help me continue to learn and grow. I can start building these networks by being open to new opportunities and people. Additionally, I can create a LinkedIn profile and be recording my various professional experiences so that I can be prepared to share and reflect on my experiences with the goal of learning from them and applying them to future opportunities.

  46. Grace Harris says:

    I want to start building connections outside of my site and try to expand my network beyond Girl Scouts. In my personal network I am so lucky to have great friends and family who support me with challenges and celebrate with me in victories. I am so blessed to have such an amazing support system as well. I am especially grateful for my mom and my dad who have shown me unwavering support. I want to make more professional connections with people in my feild and I really want to connect with those who can help with my future career in social work. I think putting myself out there and stepping out my comfort zone will help me accomplish this goal. I also think making meaningful connections and keeping my goals in mind will help me make this.

  47. The people that I want in my personal network are those that support me to be the best person I can be. It is often said that you become the people who hang around. It is also really important to have friends that are an escape from work who you can have a fun time with at any given moment.
    The people that I want in my professional network are those that are also have similar to myself and who I aspire to be. Being surrounded by role models is very beneficial. I want to look for people who will be trustworthy, mature, and cooperative to involve in my work. Most importantly, it is important that the relationship is two way and we benefit each other.
    To build a network, it is first important to shape myself but also still be myself. I should clean up my online presence and make it more professional if needed. I need to utilize social media like Facebook and LinkedIn which is an easy way to connect with people and share information. I have obtained personalized business cards to hand to people you meet who may be possible connections. I take opportunities everywhere I see them to get myself out there and obtain experience. Lastly, I talk to people everywhere I can!

  48. Alexis D’Aloia says:

    The people I would like to have in my personal network are close friends who understand me and can help me learn and grow throughout life. I would also like to have mentors present to aid in leading me in the right direction. In my professional network, I would like to have people who have relevant connections for my interests. The steps I need to take in order to start building my networks are remaining open to new experiences and preparing myself to interact with others. I must ensure that I know how to navigate professional conversations, and come prepared with items such as business cards and dress/act appropriately.

    BLOVE from Spain :),

  49. Alyssa Lofaro says:

    Who do you want to have in your personal and professional networks?
    Before I leave Siena, I would like to have a few professors, administrators or employees that I can go to even after I graduate. That being said, I hope that the relationships that I have made over the last four years will be strong enough to last even if I am not seeing the person every day or once a week. I hope that even if I email these people with questions or I am looking for advice, they would be willing to help me. In terms of my professional network, I need to update my LinkedIn account. I do not think that I have updated it since sophomore year, so I need to work on that. I also need to make sure that everything I have done over the last four years at Siena is on my CV and that I can use it to market myself in different ways for the different post-grad things I am applying for.

    What steps do you need to take to start building your network?
    I think in some ways my network is already built. I just need to make sure it is sustained. That being said to do this, I plan to stay in touch with some of the people who I consider important to my network and that will help me in the long run!

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