National Time Management Month

National Time Management Month

February 5, 2018 Reflections from Changemakers 40
Who needs Valentine’s Day and Chocolate when all throughout February we can celebrate National Time Management Month? In order to honor this month, please explore the following questions:
  • What is your main method of time management?
  • When scheduling conflicts come up, how do you deal with them?
  • What do you do if you do not think you have enough time to complete a task?
  • What do you do if your friends want to do something, but you have other work planned in your schedule?


40 Responses

  1. Kierra Maggs says:

    My main form of time management is Google Calendar and my planner. At the end of each day, I try to update both of them with the events and tasks I want to get completed for the next day. By doing this, I am able to stay more organized and on top of everything I do. When a problem or unexpected event arises, I make a list of everything that needs completion. I then prioritize them by due date and level of importance. This helps me stay on track and better deal with unexpected issues. I also look to others for help to stay focused and efficient in my time management, so if my friends want to do something but I already have something more important planned, they’ll likely understand and support my actions.

  2. Emerald says:

    The two main methods of time management that work for me have been GCal and to-do lists. Both allow for me to keep track of schedule and future priorities that I may have. It allows me to prioritize the most important tasks that need to be completed. I think by going in descending order of importance I find that i complete tasks better and never really feel that I will not complete a task. When you prioritize the most important things first it provides leeway for more self-care opportunities that are important to take.

  3. Kelsey DelMastro says:

    Time management is an extremely important skill to have but it is something that requires continuous work and effort to maintain and improve it. I find that when I have a lot of things to do, I make a list of everything that needs completion. I then prioritize them by due date and level of importance. This helps me stay on track. I also look to others for help to stay focused and efficient in my time management.

  4. Everin Chacho says:

    I developed a great time management skill in high school but ever since Google calendar entered my life it’s been revitalized. My entire life is dependent on Gcal. I organize my classes, homework assignments, and even time to eat on there.
    It’s been an amazing tool to have because in times of chaos things tend to slip through the cracks but Gcal is there to help you out. I love being able to use my planner however. It gives me relief everytime I am able to cross off a thing off my to do list. This semester has been hectic in its own way in which papers have been piling up. From which I have created false deadlines in which I make myself leave my procrastination flaw and be on top of assignments. I schedule homework/ studying times in which If I find myself on track I can sometimes modify. But, usually I won’t allow myself to join friends until I am certain nothing is due or incomplete.

  5. Miranda says:

    My main method of time management is Google Calendar. If a conflict comes up I evaluate what is most important. I will try to do both but it is important to prioritize. If my friends want to hang out and I have work planned I most likely will complete my work first then if there is time left I will hang out. At the end of the day the only person who you are accountable is to yourself.

  6. Kathleen Callery says:

    When I get very overwhelmed with time organization I confront it with writing it out. If you look around my dorm room you’ll find sheets and sheets filled with lists of all the things I have to do and by when. This gives me a small sense of order. Google calendar also gives me significant assistance it keeping up with schedules. I only run into problems when I either don’t put it on my calendar or forget to check my calendar. Scheduling conflicts often cause me a great deal of stress. What I do to deal with them is often evaluate what the impact of missing one of the events and seeing what I can do to show that I wanted to be there. I think college has often tested my management of time and how to know how to control it. I love being around people and being there for fun or if people need me but whats really important is knowing how to balance friends and fun with work that needs to be done. This comes back to the checklists. Knowing what I have to do, I am able to force myself to get those things done and still leave time to do the things I want.

  7. Justin John says:

    Time management is skill that I need to acquire. I think it’s mostly because I tend to procrastinate and proitize certain matters over others.

    My go to for time management is google calendar and to organzies my day I have a to do list. When it comes to school in the beginning of the semester I looks at all of the syllabi and add all the things that need to be due with in that week on a word document organized in charts for each week so I know what work needs to be completed.

  8. Emerald Power says:

    For me time management has been one of my big success in college. Google Calendar is life and I swear by it to keep myself accountable for the responsibilities I have. I have come to realize the importance for being able to prioritize my tasks based on importance. Planning ahead is key to be able to find the balance in between responsibility and social life.

  9. Monique Lawrence says:

    My main form of time management is Google Calendar and my planner. At the end of each day, I try to update both of them with the events and tasks I want to get completed for the next day. This helps out a lot such I now work part-time so I am able to plan out my weekends properly. If I don’t have enough time to complete a task, I will just push it to another day or try to plan the task out in sections so I don’t end up waiting until the last minute. Honestly, my work comes first so I tell them that I cant go but I will make it up to them.

  10. Kevin Ziobrowski says:

    My main method of managing time is remembering it in my head and using G-cal for events. I have a pretty good day to day routine that gets me by. If I have conflicts, and find myself only able to complete one task, I do whichever task matters more to me. If my friends want to do something and I have work, it depends on how much work and the amount of free time I have scheduled for that day, but I will often put it off for later to see my friends.

  11. Kenia says:

    My main method for managing my time is Google calendar and to-do-lists. I have different to-do-list for different responsibilities (academic, personal and Bonner).

  12. Kiara Woodward says:

    My main method of managing time is G-Cal. I use my google calendar to help me avoid conflicting commitments and keep me on top of all of my responsibilities. When scheduling conflicts do arise I apologize for my oversight and ask if there is an opportunity to reschedule a commitment. If I don’t think I have enough time to complete a task I finish as much as possible. Sometimes you can surprise yourself with how much of a task you can complete in a limited amount of time. If my friends want to hang out and I already have a commitment I would let them know that I am busy and won’t be able to participate.


  13. Justin Kenyon says:

    My main methods of time management are google calendar and to do lists. Without them I don’t know if I’d be able to keep up with everything. However, with them I can keep on track of everything and get everything done on time.

  14. Andrew Tessman says:

    Well, I know that I am doing something associated with time management because I am typically crying. Not too long ago, I decided to think about what brings these tears about, and as it turns out, they usually follow from looking at my Google Calendar. So I guess, not only is google calendar my main method of time management, but also my main method of making myself cry.
    I usually deal with scheduling conflicts by crying. To be honest though, I try to avoid scheduling conflicts as much as humanly possible, but to some extent, they are unavoidable. So when hey do arise, I am very frank with people and see if we can cut things, short, but if not I choose what is most important. The problem with this though is that everyone sees their business as important, but what people really don’t realize, is that all of their stuff is equally unimportant in the eyes of the universe. So at this point its just tomato tomato. If I don’t think I have enough time to do a task (which is quite literally a daily thing) I just power through it and do it to the best of my ability. Once again, I try to avoid these things as much as possible, but to an extant, I can’t. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the miscellaneous tasks that college provides. Heck, I barely have enough time to do this blog. When it comes to friends, it really depends on the tasks. I don’t have many friends to go see anyway, so that helps this category, but the one to two people I spend time with, we just end up doing homework together. In summary, there aren’t enough hours in the day; I am beginning a petition for an additional 10 hours in a day. Also if that one fails, I have another petition to overthrow the capitalist government, so if you’re interested hmu.

    Be Love,


  15. Julia Fleming says:

    If I’m being honest, I’m really terrible with time management… Normally I save assignments until a few days before and unfortunately that means I’m up late working. I can’t seem to learn that doing work early means I can get to bed early. But, if I’m having a good week, I usually write, “To-Do Lists” on sticky notes and cross out what I have accomplished. Also, I use meals as motivation to work. For example, today I couldn’t eat lunch until I finished First Year Seminar. When scheduling conflicts come up I usually freak out and then I decide which one is more important to me. After that, I try to reschedule the event I missed out on. But my mom always tells me that you can’t do everything, so I try not to put too much pressure on myself if I miss something. Sadly, if I do not have enough time to complete a task I sacrifice sleep:( And finally, if my friends want to do something, but I have other work planned in my schedule I usually determine how pressing my work is. If it’s due the next day, I would definitely choose to work. But if I had time, I would probably hang out with my friends! B-LOVE <3

  16. Kiana H says:

    My main method of time management is making lists and crossing them off when I get them done. When scheduling conflicts come up, I try to give a time limit on each of my events and therefore I can focus a specific time on one event and then the later time for the other event. When I feel I don’t think I have enough time to complete a task, again, I make a list of things I can do at that time and then if I run out of time on that specific day, I will wake up early the next day to complete the task.

  17. Brendan says:

    I feel like I don’t have a defined method of time management. My time management includes using Google Calendar, and setting 5 alarms or so every morning so that I get out of bed. I haven’t had too many scheduling conflicts come up, but when I have had a scheduling issue come up with Bonner, I have contacted Kelly to see what the best thing for me to do is (like if I have to be late or miss a Wednesday meeting.) Other than that I haven’t had too many scheduling conflicts. I don’t have a plan for what to do if I don’t have enough time to complete a task, but I think that I should. Last semester, there were a few times where I was up until the early morning hours completing an important assignment, that possibly could have been avoided had I asked for an extension or better managed my time. If my friends want to do something but I have work planned in my schedule, the correct thing to do is probably commit my time to doing my work. Unfortunately that’s not always what I do! Also they’re all in Europe now!

  18. Ecli Vazquez says:

    What is your main method of time management?

    My main method is my Google calendar. I didn’t make one last year and I felt like I had to remember a bunch of things. Lets just say it didn’t workout. But with a google calendar I know everything that is coming my way. Sometimes when I hit conflicts tend to stay come and find a way around the issue. When I feel that I don’t have enough time to complete a task I would generally freakout. But now would stay calm and continue the task at hand and ask for help. I also started to give myself extra time for that very reason because sometimes friends what to play video games or hangout so I give myself extra time to kill.

  19. Taylor Disco says:

    What is your main method of time management?

    My main method of time management would have to be learning over the years how to prioritize what needs to get done and when. I believe the biggest thing that I have to monitor is managing time for me as well as my duties and work/ service schedule.

    As far as scheduling conflicts I prioritize what needs to be done first and rearrange another time to complete the other task. OH! And apologize to whoever gets inconvenienced by my overbooking. I have really been trying to work on this.

    I do the best I can to complete a task on time, or work on it ahead of time. If I do not have time to do something I will rearrange my schedule so that I can put some more time into it. I believe what is really not good is when I have to rush because then the rushing prevents it from being my best work.

    If friends want me to do something, but I have other work planned in my schedule then
    I ask for another time when they are free so that we can all figure out something that is more convenient.

  20. Meghan Conboy says:

    My main, go-to, holy grail method of time management is my nice Google Calendar (shocker, right??). I am totally in love with Google Calendar and swear by it. It’s especially helpful at Siena, because so many clubs and organizations utilize it, which helps me to streamline all of my commitments. I’ve also recently gotten into bullet journaling (shoutout to Jamie!) and I really like it, because it allows me to keep a running to-do of all my homework and tasks, and I can customize it to work perfectly for me.

    I don’t usually have a problem with scheduling conflicts; rather, I struggle with spreading myself too thin and not effectively managing my time. Prioritizing is key to managing this; I know what’s most important/time-sensitive/necessary, and am working to weed out commitments that don’t add anything (but some stress :))))))to my day.

    If I believe I don’t have enough time to finish a task, I sit down and just start working. More often than not, if I can get in a work mindset and focus, things don’t take as long as I imagine they will.

    If my friends want to do something and I already have an event (like class, service, RA stuff, etc.) scheduled, I ALMOST always (definitely not always) prioritize my work-y stuff over social stuff. However, if I have time blocked for different tasks (homework, optional club meetings, etc.), I weigh my options. A lot of the time, I push back my homework or skip a meeting in exchange for social stuff, because it’s so important for me to spend time with friends and relax for a little while. Prioritizing is key!



  21. Billy Mayer says:

    Google Calendar, calendar calendar. When I was a freshmen, I always said “I’m never going to use that, it seems so stupid.” And now, 4 years later, I would be walking in loops around Siena Hall if I didn’t have my calendar.

    Even so, I’m always late to everything. Before I went abroad, I never was late to anything. Then, when I came back, I just had new priorities that changed. I didn’t mind being late to things, as it usually meant I was enjoying what I was just doing previously. I changed my mindset to enjoy relationships, people and moments, rather than focusing on being so timely to everything, I thoroughly enjoy the moments, which I think matters more than managing time.

  22. Gabby Tegiacchi says:

    While I do use Google Calendar and I sometimes make to-do lists, I am much more of a go with the flow kind of person when it comes to managing my time. I prioritize things as they come up. I am a very busy person right now, probably busier than I ever have been, and this comes with a lot of tasks and responsibilities. At the same time, I am also a second semester senior. Thanks to my good pal Billy, I have learned that the key to time management is you make time for what’s important, and fill in the rest. If I really want to get something done, I will. If I think it can wait, I will let it wait. If something more important comes up, then that’s what I choose. I don’t believe that anyone else can tell me how to manage my time, because it belongs to me. There are some days when I stay up late, and days when I go to bed early. Some days I get to everything I intend to do, other days I barely scratch the surface. But the point is, I used my time the way I choose, and that’s good enough for me!

  23. Emma Henderschedt says:

    I am the biggest advocate of Google calendar. I schedule everything because seeing my to-do items all in front of me allow myself to feel a sense of control over the chaos that is my spring semester schedule. Sticky notes and lists have also become an essential part of who I am.
    This semester specifically, I have become a morning person. Since my days are so jammed packed with Bonner, McGuire Society, and classes, I rely on my mornings to get ahead on some homework, read my bible, watch a show on Netflix, or just do nothing for an hour. This time has been so crucial for me.
    When scheduling conflicts appear, I tend to have a bad habit of trying REALLLLY hard to do both events but end up wearing myself down. I definitely need to work harder on prioritizing and saying no to things. My social work professor continues to tell me that “Saying no to a leadership opportunity does not mean I am not capable of doing it.” I am working really hard on this.
    Finally, I think I am really good at planning ahead. If I know there is a basketball game coming up or a Bonner event, I will try to get all my necessary work done prior to that event. While some weeks I am better at this, I rely on my type-A organizations skills to make sure that I am getting my work done when it needs to get done.

  24. Kylie Gilbride says:

    My mail methods of time management are google calendar and writing out lists. Because I am a visual learner, it is so important for me to be able to actually see my schedule and to-do list; it is equally important for me to be able to cross out an event/task once it has been completed. These two methods of time management are crucial to my success and ability to get my work done. Although I have never missed an assignment/commitment, I am still always sure prioritize what’s most important by determining due dates, how long things will take, and simply what seems to be most significant.

  25. Harriet Koblenzer says:

    My main method for time management is using my google calendar, and planner. I update my planner every week, and my gcal daily. When I have free time I try and balance it between doing work and self-care. Taking more time to do things for myself, like making a cup of tea and meditating, is one my new year’s resolutions. In terms of scheduling conflicts, in the past I have dealt with signing up for too much and stretching myself to thin. After realizing that I was not in a good place, I took a step back, refocused, and eliminated some of my activities. If I don’t think I can complete a task on time I always contact the person who I am working with or who needs be to complete the task, and I consult with them on how we should move forward. For example I didn’t have the application document for prospective Bonner’s, so I emailed Alyssa and she sent it to me and extended my deadline to the next day. I have always struggled a little bit with restraining myself from hanging out with friends and doing work instead. This weekend I actually went to my cousin’s cottage near Rhinebeck NY, along the Hudson River. I went to relax and have a self-care weekend. This allowed me to recharge for the semester, and have some time to myself instead of always hanging out with friends over the weekend.

  26. Shannon Stout says:

    Google Calendar is a good pal of mine when it comes to this time management thing. I am a very visual person, so it is helpful for me to see my schedule laid out. Within my schedule, I make sure that I have a nice balance of work and fun. The fun is just as necessary as the work. This is super important! Trying to find a balance of the two is not something that I am an expert at, by any means. But all we can do is try our best! Hooray, time!

  27. Liliana Sanchez Adames says:

    I am not the greatest at time management but I am good at improvising when unscheduled problems come up. Time management is a skill I have yet to master. I am trying to get better at it by using the gmail tasks tab and just typing what I have to do for the day and once I do it, check it off the list. When it comes to things that come up and can’t be planned. I usually adjust what I have to do that day and male it work somehow. Usually I use a priority test meaning I tell myself what needs to be done first and I go from there.

  28. Nima Chatterjee says:

    My main method of time management is to know how to prioritize and what to put first. I think that relaxing is important, especially if you know that you have set aside time later to get necessary tasks accomplished. And personally I have trouble relaxing if I know that I have a lot on my plate, so I think that getting all the important things done first and not procrastinating is key to good time management.
    I never really run into scheduling conflicts, if there’s something I can’t do because I already committed to doing something else, I try and work out another day to do the other thing ahead of time.
    If I feel as though I don’t have enough time to complete a task, I just stay up late and try to finish the task and it usually works out, because it’s good to be stressed out about something for me because that stress usually pushes me to do it.
    If my friends want to do something but I have other work planned in my schedule, I usually have to put that first, depending on if I know I can’t do it later or not. But then it’s good to find a time where we are all free later.

  29. Laniqua says:

    What do you do if your friends want to do something, but you have other work planned in your schedule?

    The most successful method of time management that works for me is google calendar I honestly dont know how why I haven’t been using it my whole life. I put everything on my google calendar which makes it hard for me to miss deadlines and events. Although I am very dependent on google calendar there are still times I make mistakes like the time I put an event in the wrong week and almost missed it. When I get into perdicements where I double book myself I prioritize what’s most important to me. Remember sometimes its okay to miss out you never want to over work yourself or spread yourself too thin. If I feel like I dont have enough time to complete a task or assignment I’ll ask for an extension. I am not too proud to ask for extra help when I know I really need it. If my friends make plans with me and I already have worked planned I can usually do both. I’ll do my work first and then hang out with them or I’ll sacrifice my plans with them to get my work down.

  30. Dana Wakeman says:

    My main method of time management is Google Calendar and my planner. I use Google Calendar to keep track of where I am supposed to be and I love that I get notifications, which keeps me on time. My planner is everything for school; homework, tests, projects, and I make to-do lists to keep track of what I need to do each day. I also will make to-do lists on a note-card if I need to do something that is for a club.

    If scheduling conflicts come up, I prioritize. I try to not get stressed and instead think of what needs to get done and can I miss something for the more important thing. I try very hard to make sure I have time for everything, but sometimes life happens and not everything works out according to my plan and I try to be prepared for that too.

    If I do not have enough time to complete a task, I try to determine how much time I do have and what I can accomplish in the time I have. So, if I need to read a book, but I don’t have time t fully read all of it, I may fully read as much as possible and then skim the rest. Then, the task is completed even in less time.

    Once again, I prioritize and at times, self-care is far more important than homework. Also, if I scheduled correctly, I will have enough time to spend time with friends. However, there are times where I have to say no because school is important to me.


  31. Marlie Frisco says:

    My main method of time management is sticky notes and my google calendar. I use the sticky notes to make lists of what has to be done, and I use my g-cal to tell me where I have to be. When scheduling conflicts come up, I usually pick which is more important, and then talk to a person involved in the conflict to find a different time. I try not to think about not having enough time, because that alone is wasting time. If I have other work scheduled when my friends ask to do things, I usually tell them and plan other times to spend time with them.

  32. Ivory Moore says:

    My main method of time management is my google calendar. The only issue is that sometimes I forget to add certain events to my google calendar, and that’s how managing conflicts come up. When this happens, I prioritize to figure out which event/ task is more important to complete first. Sometimes some tasks will be completed late because of this, but to save my sanity I always remind myself, “it’s better late than never” and that I’m only human. The best thing to do if this happens is to inform anyone who is apart of the event/task with you so that they can be aware of a delay, and can prepare accordingly. Usually if my friends want to do something, but i have other work planned in my schedule, I usually choose my friends first even though I shouldn’t. That is something I am currently working on. Its okay to tell your friends that you don’t want to go out partying, and would like to read a book instead.

  33. Maya says:

    My main method of time management is my google calendar and my planner, literally cannot function without these two because it allows me to map out my day and what I should be getting accomplished. When scheduling conflicts come up I evaluate which are important and which are not important and email whoever needs to be rescheduled. If i feel that i do no have enough time t complete a task i see what can be changed around so that i do have enough time or i will cut down on hours of sleep in order to complete the task. If i have other work planned but my friends want to do something i will either tell them to wait or they can come along with me.

  34. Nicole Pazarecki says:

    Hello Everyone!
    My main method of time management is using my google calendar, my planner and desk calendar for assignments and using my free time wisely. I think these tools definitely help me and my busy schedule. I high suggest them.

    If I schedule a conflict I try to find a happy medium that works for both commitments, but if something is more important then the other, I will take that into consideration.

    If I don’t have enough time to complete a task I take a deep breathe and try to power through. Usually if I don’t have enough time to do something(which is unusually) I planned my schedule carelessly.

    If my friends want to do something fun, but if I have something to do I stick with my plan. If my commitment is not as important or difficult I can try to reschedule it, but if not I can plan another day to hangout with my friends.

    Nicole Paz

  35. Alyssa Lofaro says:

    My main method of time management is using my planner, google calendar and putting “sticky notes” up on my wall with things that have to get done and not taking them down until it is.

    When scheduling conflicts come up, I try my best to work with both “sides” to make sure there happy. I also try to prioritize; meaning that whatever I feel is more important I will attend. I have realized over the past 3yrs that you cannot make everything happen. But I will try my best to make sure I got everything done.

    I’ve never really had the problem where I havn’t been able to complete the task . However, in the future if I believe I will not be able to complete the task, I will ask others for some help. This will ensure that whatever needs to be completed will be completed properly and not, not finished or sloppily done.

    Its hard when my schedule conflicts with my social life. However, I do though try to “schedule” in time for my social life because being with my friends is important to me. I tend to leave open some time on the weekends or at night during the week. If I know I have an event on the weekend, I will try and get my homework done during the week so that I still have time for a social life.

  36. Alexis D'Aloia says:

    My main method of time management is definitely scheduling using Google Calendar. All of my classes, events, and even homework assignments are all on my calendar. I prioritize the things that are most important, and build my schedule around them. If Google Calendar stopped working for some reason, I’d be in a lot of trouble. When scheduling conflicts come up, I definitely prioritize the most important thing, but if they are equally important I’ll talk to those involved in both events to try my best to work something out. I try not to stress or freak out about it because I know it won’t help to solve the issue. If I do not think I have enough time to complete something school-work related I talk to my professors honestly about the situation. If it is something that I have run out of time on due to my own fault, I accept the consequences of it and will take a look at my schedule to see where I can maybe take a step back from something else in order to make more time for what is needed. If my friends are wanting to do something but I have homework or something else more important, I definitely choose the work over my friends and hope that they understand.

  37. Abby Hoekman says:

    My main method of time management is my Siena planner and google calendar. If it weren’t for these two methods, I would never be able to keep track of where I’m supposed to be everyday or what assignment is due which day. Scheduling conflicts arise more often for me at the start of the semester when my schedule is not entirely set in stone. However, when these conflicts do occur at random, usually something in my schedule has to give either temporarily or permanently. I personally find it most helpful to take a step back and reassess my priorities and decide what commitment to fulfill based on the big picture of my goals and what will matter most in regards to my future. Furthermore, if I do not believe I have enough time to finish a task I assess whether or not I have been managing my time well. Then, I will dismiss other social or club activities that day in order to complete my work. My friends are always very understanding of my busy work schedule and are typically willing to make plans far in advanced to ensure I will make the time for it and complete my work ahead of time. Also, I find it easier to complete my work in a timely fashion when I have plans with friends following my work time. That way, I am ensured to have the reward of relaxation and peace of mind knowing my work is already done. It is very rare that I place my socializing with friends above my academics. Overall, time management is an ongoing and constantly improving skill for me that I hope to make great strides in this semester.

  38. Shadane Franklin says:

    My method of time management includes organization and practicality. As much as I want to get done with all my tasks in a day I know that this is both draining and unrealistic.

    When scheduling conflicts arise I address whomever may also be impacted by my conflict as soon as possible. Whether it be to reschedule a meeting with a professor or deciding to devote time to one task over the other, I think communication is the key.

    We all have been in a place where our someone wants us to tag along somewhere with them when we are working. It’s important to understand when a break is needed and when disregarding priorities can lead to unfulfillment of tasks.
    Balance is the key to time management .


  39. Heather Ryan says:

    My main method of time management is planning ahead and scheduling! I love lists and I make one about pretty much anything.

    When conflicts come up it is important to prioritize. It happens to the best of us, we’re only human and it’s okay. It’s super important to always prioritize though! Whenever it happens to me, I always prioritize based on what is most important to me, severity of consequences of missing one event, and importance to my future. I find that between the three of these I can always find a clear winner as to which I will put at the top of my list and which will have to be rescheduled.

    I have never run into the situation where I have not had enough time to complete a task. Through calendaring, planning, and blocking out my time in a very precise and detailed manner, I have always been able to find enough time and allot it appropriately so everything I need to get done, gets done. However, this sometimes means that some of the things I want to get done have to suffer but I personally prefer to do everything that is required of me before the other things I want to get done. That is more important to me.

    With a busy schedule, my social life does suffer at times. However, when a friend wants to make plans the first thing I do is see if I can rearrange things to use time more efficiently and effectively or just shuffle things so that my free times align with the plans my friends want to make. If possible, I will just invite them along when I am busy or invite them to do homework with me so I can hang out with them and be productive with my work (yay, multitasking!). I find in my personal and professional life that even when I think I have a full schedule and no time for anything else, I always end up finding time for the things that I want to do without letting my other commitments and assignments suffer.

  40. Amelia Butler says:

    My main method of time management includes a combination of Google Calendar use and the use of my very expensive and personalized planner. I generally build my schedule in Google Calendar a week in advance with time blocked for homework, meals, and other activities. My planner works as a daily to-do list containing what I hope to accomplish during the times I have available to do homework, work for service, and SEB stuff. I very rarely find myself in conflict with my schedule because I am so meticulous, but when I do, I usually find a way to work things out so everything gets done and I do not feel like I have neglected any of my responsibilities. I have learned a lot in the last year about being honest with other people and myself when I do not think I am going to be able to accomplish something in the given time frame. I am much better now at being about to tell either my co-chair or a professor that I do not have enough time and ask for help. My friends know how crazy my schedule is, so we try to make plans in advance so I can put them on my calendar and have time to be totally invested in having fun with them instead of thinking about all of the work I have left to get done.
    Wishing you all a semester of productivity and success.
    B-love Always,

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