Managing Stress

Managing Stress

February 21, 2018 Reflections from Changemakers 37

With midterms coming up, the campus can seem to be more stressful than usual. In order to get ahead of the bad vibes, please reflect on some of the positive moments you’ve had over the past few weeks. What are some highlights for you in the past month?
  • In your service
  • Professionally
  • With your academics


37 Responses

  1. Jordan L Thompson says:

    There are alot of positive things going on in my last semester of a Bonner! I have been applying to jobs and have been selected for interviews. I am looking at Grad schools and applying to them as well. In my service, I am able to interview prospective Bonners-allowing me to talk about how much I love the program and rediscover why I joined in the first place. I am very proud of my midterms grade and hope they continue on for the end of the semester.

  2. Taylor Disco says:

    I believe some of my highlights this semester would be getting to know more students at ALH. It is truly the best part of service getting to know individuals on a personal level. Not only does it enable you to serve better but it also promotes personal growth as well.

    I am so incredibly excited to be applying to go abroad, and while that has been very stressful it has made me feel very grateful for the things I have been able to do and will be doing in my life thus far.

  3. Harriet Koblenzer says:

    I have been creating marketing posters for different events for my site. I also have been really connecting with the kids at my site when I am a sub in the classrooms. The one main thing I am am really excited about doing is starting the accreditation process for my site. This is a very long process and can’t wait to look back on the experience once we have hopefully gotten both accreditations. Right now I am in the process of securing an internship for the summer. I have already submitted one application, and am in the process of applying to two other internships. I am really anxious to get my summer planned out, but am trying to enjoy the rest of my freshman year. I am taking Reason and Argument this semester, and before starting the class I was really excited to take it. After the first two classes I questioned if I liked the class and if I was understanding the content, but after a couple more classes I began to love it and was doing well on graded assignments. I have made my first choice schedule, and really hope I get the classes I want. I have also confirmed my rooming situation for next year and am so happy with the plan.


  4. Brendan says:

    One moment in my service that was positive was going to a weekend training in order to participate in the Community Accountability Board for felony cases that come through the Community Justice Outreach Center. It was a great experience to work with other community members who care deeply about improving the criminal justice system, and it will help me expand my role for what I do at the Outreach Center. In my service at the Outreach Center, it has been very rewarding to help facilitate the Community Accountability Board meetings and give first-time offenders a second chance and an ability to improve themselves.

  5. Kiara Woodward says:

    In my service a positive moment I have experienced is taking on more projects to fill up my time and positively impact the Green Tech school community.
    Professionally a highlight is being accepted as an RA for the 2018-2019 school year. I am excited to see what this new adventure brings!
    In my academics a highlight has been exploring minors or certificates that I may be interested in. I am looking into establishing a minor and exploring what best fits my interests.


  6. Kevin Ziobrowski says:

    One highlight of my service was going to a school in order to film customers interacting with our stand and partaking in our program. Professionally I was able to become involved with more projects at capital roots, with the video being the prime example. Academically I passed my first astronomy test.

  7. Everin Chacho says:

    Overall this semester has been amazing compared to last semester. I have a better relationship with all of my professors which eases my ability to communicate and understand. Yet, there are always some bad vibes floating around it’s nothing horrible.
    At service I have developed a deeper relationship with the students in the Produce Project. In this sense I feel that with the new semester and the new year I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by better vibes and auras.

  8. Kathleen Callery says:

    I think I’ve definitely have been subject to a case of bad vibes in the past few weeks. Feeling dragged down by classes and commitments and the overwhelming stress that comes from it. Moving away from the negative, I would say this low feeling has really allowed me to see and be overjoyed by the small moments. For example, seeing dogs or hearing a really good song are two small examples of things that can turn my day around! These little things act as a little reboot of positive thought. They remind me of all the good things that exist in this world! To be surrounded by amazing people constantly being with me has also been a bright aspect of my life!
    Wishing everyone a little something in each day to make them smile 🙂

  9. Kenia says:

    My time at TRIP so far has ben great. It is definitely different from IPH but I am really enjoying myself. Professionally, I have been able to network more through my social work internship at CONSERNS-U.

  10. Ivory Moore says:

    Overall, this past month has been very positive for me! The new relationships I have with everyone in my life have been prospering, and that makes me really grateful. I love the people I’ve been surrounding myself with. With school, classes are cruising along… getting kind of hectic but its nothing I haven’t conquered before.. I finally got my passport so that I can go on the study tour to France in May, and in service I feel like I’m finally being recognized for my work. 🙂

  11. Kylie Gilbride says:

    Service has been so productive both last semester and this semester! I am so excited to be helping Castle Island move to another location by then end of this school year. Castle Island is really expanding and becoming its own and I am so happy to be part of it. My academics have become significantly harder this semester but I am handling it as best as I can. I am so very excited to go abroad next semester; I just submitted my application so I really can’t wait to hear back!

  12. Ecli Vazquez says:

    I really don’t know where to start from. I finally found a professor that would let me research with. Other than that school has been going everything is getting a little bit crazy but I don’t see that as a bad thing. The reason is because I have other things to clear my mind. For example, at service I’m having the best time with all the kids. I love how they are enjoying their time at Sunnyside. Another thing that makes the service better are the staff. I have been able to build a bond with them that can treasure.

    To the Bonner Family.
    Thank You for taking me in and showing me what it feels like being part of a true community.

  13. Gabby Tegiacchi says:

    In my service, I start at Schenectady High next week, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Teaching at an at-risk school is what I feel most called to do, and I am excited to be working with two great teachers to teach all different types of courses in English, and get the chance to hear the stories of some of my students.

    Professionally, I am loving my new position, and feel very blessed to have made such a great transition and be so supported. I am also set to hear back from the (other) ACE Program (at Notre Dame) before the next Blog is due. I feel confident that the program would be the perfect next step in my journey, so fingers crossed!

    Academically, I am not taking classes this semester (although I am teaching 5) and at my first student teaching placement, on my last 2 evaluations, I received 2 perfect scores and was very excited about it. I have learned a lot and grown a lot, and can’t wait to see what’s next!


  14. Justin Kenyon says:

    The past few months for me have been nothing but positive. Being able to balance everything I do is incredibly rewarding. Especially over the last few weeks with get a toiletry drive off the ground and moving, as well as preparing for midterms. Everything is looking positive.

  15. Julia Fleming says:

    At the Boys and Girls Club I am still helping out with the Soccer for Success program! I love seeing the kids make good passes and work together as a team. However, I am starting to think about possible programs for next year, which is really exciting and a little stressful! I want to create a program that the kids enjoy and can learn from. Professionally, I have decided that I want to double major in Spanish and another subject. Hopefully I will figure that out soon! And finally, my academics are going pretty well. I have a Calc midterm on Wednesday, which could be interesting… Happy almost spring!!!


  16. Andrew Tessman says:

    Service has been awesome! I very much enjoy all of the time I get to spend at Capital Roots and the work that I do. It is always a blast to come in and work on things and see all the cool people who work here.
    One big highlight personally is that I cleaned my room last night which was much needed and now I can lay on my rug again 🙂 On on another note, the weather is spectacular and I feel alive in the sun again, maybe I actually am a plant after all. Not only has the nice weather been keeping me a float recently, but the other night at the climbing gym I sent some sweet routes that I was not sure if I could actually top out on. Needless to say I was pretty exhausted at the end. Also, I went to Honest Weight Food Co-op the other day and managed to get a ton of kombucha, so I am a happy guy :).
    All in all, things are the and I am living a good life.

    Be Love,
    Andy Drew

  17. Heather Ryan says:

    In the past month, I have not really felt the stress of midterms. I think as I have progressed throughout my time at Siena I have come to realize that getting bogged down by stress about school work and exams does not increase productivity or my overall performance at college. This semester especially I have been being very good about just letting things happen, doing what I can do and what is within my limits and letting the rest play itself out.

    I recently was offered a job post-graduation so that is a huge positive within the past month. It really puts into perspective how small one bad grade or one stressful assignment really is. On top of this achievement, I am focusing in on all the small positives in my life that I often take for granted– new friendships, old ones that continue to thrive, adventures and travel opportunities, sunny days, etc. I have realized when I take the time to reflect on all the good that happens on a daily basis, all the negatives and the stress stop overshadowing the positive vibes and I have much more positive, productive days.

    Stay positive and push through. B-love!

  18. Laniqua says:

    In your service
    With your academics
    Some of my positive moments of this month include going home for break to visit my family and my boyfriend and bringing one of my test score up from a 65 to an 84. I really can’t think of a positive service moment only that I am finally adjusting to relocating to the Teen’s program and what my role is. I am also excited to say that I am very close to finishing my study abroad application.

  19. Kiana H says:

    In your service
    With your academics

    Some positive highlights at my service site is that I finally finished my bullying presentation and will start it next Tuesday. Professionally, I applied to a few post- graduate jobs, and in my academics I’ve been doing really well. I start my online class next week and I’m very excited for it to start!

  20. Nicole Pazarecki says:

    The past month has been great! I can’t say anything bad. My grades and service are good. My classes are great with great professors. But coming back from break has been difficult to get back into the swings of things. I can already feel the spring fever with the weather. Summer is coming and I cannot wait!

  21. Maya says:

    Some positive moments in my service is the projects I am working on that actually correlate to things that I am interested in that will allow me to grow more and help the organization more as well. Professionally I was able to get my resume Siena approved so it makes me feel better that I have an official resume now. Academically I am more confident in the classes that I am taking and the professors that have I have been blessed with are also big supporters and will help me be more successful this semester.

  22. Dana Wakeman says:

    There have been many positives in the past month. At service, MH is creating an employment center, which they want me to help create and organize. Also, I have been more involved in case management and recently completed my first assessment that I ran! Professionally, I have updated my resume and am looking into finalizing options for the summer. Academically, I have been enjoying a lot of my classes. Most importantly with classes is how less stressed I have been about them since adjusting my schedule, which has been a huge highlight. I am looking forward to finishing the year strong academically, professionally, and at service.

    Good luck on midterms and B-love always,

  23. Meghan Conboy says:

    It’s crazy how fast this semester is flying, but it’s also been so much fun! At Unity House, I’ve been working on volunteer coordination and transitioning into my role as a site team leader. I serve with the BEST team at Unity, and it’s been awesome sharing service times with Kelsey, Abby, and Alexis this semester. We also had the I Love Unity House Gala and I was able to participate in an ACE Focus Group with my site supervisor, which was a great experience.

    Professionally, I have been stressing over the RA re-application process (which is finally over!). Several application questions, resumes, and interviews later, I’m so excited to be an RA for first-year students in Hines next year! Nothing is final yet, but I’ve got some plans in the works for summer jobs and internships as well.

    All is well with classes. My psych classes are so much fun, and I’ve really been enjoying my online course on Gender, Culture, and Schooling. I can’t believe I will be registering for my junior year in a few weeks!!!

    Good luck with midterms!


  24. Shannon Stout says:

    God is so good! A whole lot is going on in my life right now, but He is so present. Sometimes homework, family, service, and social life get to be busy, but there is no greater peace that I find than sitting before our Lord in silence. This peace makes all of the business worth it. Finding the time to rest in Him sustains the work on the go. I have been super grateful in these past few weeks for this beautiful gift. Yes, Lord!

  25. Alyssa Lofaro says:

    This past month has flow bye and its crazy that we are already at Midterms!
    Within my service I have loved been able to recruit the class of 2022! Everyone who we have interviewed so far has been so passionate about service, which is great, but some much harder to choose!! But I am very excited for this class!!
    Professionally I have recently started to “work” on my Capstone. I am super excited about the project I will be working in the Fall and I am very excited to be working with April again because she is going to be my Capstone advisor. My goal for my project is to have an impact in peoples lives and from what the plan is I think we are going to achieve that goal.
    For the most part, I am really enjoying all the classes I am taking this semester! I am finally (almost) done with my cores I just still have to take History in the Fall. I am also really loving my Water Resources and TESOL classes. I have learned so much, and I am currently working with an international student. This has been really interesting because I am getting to see her perspective about coming to Siena and is starting to make me consider teaching abroad after graduation, but who knows what is going to happen!
    Anyway, Good Luck on Midterms Everyone!

  26. Billy Mayer says:

    Well, I’ve had an amazing past few weeks, both in academics and service in the future. I’m writing this blog from my hammock in Guatemala, as I’m here to perform my research for my senior capstone. I was fortunate to have received a research grant from Siena to travel here and to perform my research alongside my professor, Dr. Eccarius-Kelly. Here, we interviewed indigenous communities to learn about their socio-economic status and lifestyles. So that’s been great. I’m also feeling pretty great about the future as of now, because as much as I don’t want to admit that the g-word is happening, my future is looking pretty bright. I passed the Foreign Service Test, which means I’m one step closer to working in a consulate for the US. Positive vibes and B-Love only

  27. Thomas Ruhl says:

    Hello Bonner Pals!!! My past month, and my whole time abroad has been AMAZING!!! I love it here in Belgium. Brussels is such an incredibly diverse city, but it’s also pretty small compared to places like London and Paris, so it has some of that same small city vibe that Albany has. I’ve been doing some traveling and seen some really cool places. My classes are also really cool, it’s so interesting to see things from a Non-American perspective, and to here what Europeans think of the United States. Anyway, best of luck on all of your midterms!
    B-Love always,

  28. Amelia Butler says:

    The last month has honestly been an extremely difficult month for me. I am extremely grateful for the positive people and things present in my life for getting me through it. At service, I am really grateful for the people I work with. They are wonderful and always know how to make me smile when I am sad or stressed. It is nice to be able to have an escape from campus when I get too stressed, while still making a difference at the same time. Professionally, I am grateful that I have been able to grow in the last month. I am getting so much better at talking on the phone and sending professional emails through my work at Capital Roots and with SEB. I am also getting much better and conveying my thoughts in a professional setting like meetings and events. Academically, I have had my best semester to date this semester, so that is really exciting. I am hoping to make the Dean’s List this semester, and so far, I am on the right track. I have also had really good luck with getting amazing professors this semester who are really easy to work with and very understanding. Hopefully the rest of the semester goes a little bit better than this last month has, but I am definitely looking forward with a positive outlook!
    B-Love Always,

  29. Emma Henderschedt says:

    This semester has been a mix of feeling on top of the world and then stressed out and overwhelmed. However, in the middle of all the chaos that is balancing two internships, a job, Dr. Cutler’s class, and my homework, I think it is so important to reflect on the positive moments that I have been having.
    1. The ability to help organize Praise & Worship through the Chaplain’s Office has been a beautiful way for me to dive deeper into my faith and worship our AMAZING God through music and prayer.
    2. My service site is SOOOOO amazing. I have gotten more involved in Victim advocacy work through the Felony Youth Diversion Board. Through this I have been able to represent the Crime Victim’s Unit in their monthly meetings, complete intakes with victims, as well as star in a DA promo video. I also think I have solidified my capstone idea which is making me super excited for SENIOR YEAR!!!
    3. Going home for break was a good way to refresh for the next month of school. I was able to go to a concert with my Dad, cook dinner with Emerald, and hang out with my grandparents.
    4. Getting a perfect score on my speech in my speech class! Although I feel like I am going to pass out during the speech, hearing that I am pretty decent at public speaking was great validation.
    I am thankful every day for the little and big glimpses of positive moments and God’s goodness in my life at Siena College. You Bonners always make my day as well.

  30. Shadane says:

    The past few months have been overwhelming as I look forward to post graduate plans. However, as I reflect all of what I have been experiencing has been extremely positive and rewarding . In my service, I have been exercising my assertive nature and really have spoken up for what the Bonner Program has meant to myself and my peers as well as what I am capable of in a “work environment”. In my academics, I have challenged myself to make connections between what I have been learning in the classroom and what I experience in the world. It has been rewarding and sometimes uncomfortable to challenge myself and those around me to do the research necessary to draw certain conclusions. In my professional life, I have began adulting 101 and I have to admit that it isn’t as intimidating as i began now that I have access to more resources. It has been fun looking for apartments and furniture and communicating with my team in Utah. I’m overall excited for whats to come and finishing the semester strong!




    In my service, my highlight this month was finally being able to talk to my supervisor about some things that have been bothering me lately at service and kind of sort that out to make sure we have a good relationship in the present and in the future. In my academics, I definitely see my efforts pay off, I have been working extremely hard to get my grades up and seeking for help to get me where i want to be academically. My grades have been better than last semester which I am very proud about. I have been meeting on Sundays at the more house with some friends and have definitely used that resource to study and focus on my academics but also keeping it fun with the help of my friends so I don’t let stress get the best of me. Professionally, I learning everyday from my job which is a blessing because it allows be to see what happens in the ER and interact with patients and doctors which is pretty much what I will be doing my whole life since medicine is one of my passions. I am able to hold uncomfortable situations and have learned to get the best out of them. So far, it has been a good month!

  32. Kelsey DelMastro says:

    The past few weeks have been such a whirlwind in realizing the end is in sight. It seems that even though my time at Siena is beginning to wind down, it feels like everything is picking up in overdrive – classes, service, capstone, work, etc. I am excited that my capstone project is all downhill from here and that it has all been coming together recently. I am enjoying the work I do at service and am excited to see everyone begin to transition into their new roles. One thing I try to do is find a high in each day to stay positive and stay “ahead of the bad vibes”. 🙂

  33. Abby Hoekman says:

    Throughout the past few weeks I have had numerous positive moments. At my site, I have been able to enjoy many exciting events at Unity House such as the annual Gala and helping to organize pop-up shops for the ReStyle thrift store. Additionally, I have had many growth experiences through interactions with clients and new challenges such as working to create an online store for ReStyle at Unity House. Academically, I have been enjoying most of my classes, even though they are challenging, and have been able to communicate with professors to have any and all of my questions answered. Wishing everyone the best as midterms approach!


  34. Marlie Frisco says:

    Over the last few weeks, I have had many positive moments. As for service, I was able to talk to my site supervisor as well as my site team leader about changing my role. I look forward to taking on new and different tasks as I begin to leave the classroom and help better the organization through my new jobs. Academically, I am enjoying most of my classes and teachers, and look forward to improving as the semester evolves. I also enjoy stress-free movie nights each weekend to relax and forget about the stressful week. Hope everyone is doing well!


  35. Nima Chatterjee says:

    This past month at service I have been working on doing research for the backpack programs at schools, and I’ve been reaching out to organizers of the program and have been interviewing them, which has been a very insightful learning experience. Professionally, I have decided to change my major and think about possible future career options. And academically, my classes are all challenging and interesting. I especially love my first year seminar this semester because our unit is on diversity and social justice (*snaps*)!


    – Nima

  36. Monique Lawrence says:

    During the past month, I have felt like I have both found my place at Siena and feel ready to push myself to try new things. For my site, I was able to help a lot of students with their applications and able to make more connections with the senior class. I was able to find a balance between being there for the students when they need it but also being able to make boundaries when it comes to social and personal life. One of the students call me his college manager since I always track him down to do something for school. I am also planning on going into the Entrepreneurship classroom and helping some students with their projects. For professional life, I am trying to limit the amount of things that I sign up for to do on campus and am trying to apply for some internships within high schools back home so I can get some experiences working in the high school. I have also decided to go into school administration as my career goal. Seeing how both the boys interact with both the deans and principals have shown me that I can be in education in a different way than just teaching. I also started a part time job at Flight and I am able to learn how to work with customers and my co workers. ( Come visit me!) For my academics, I LOVE ALL OF MY CLASSES FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. I am able to apply the things i am learning to my everyday interactions with people and my professors are always willing to ask for feedback about how they are teaching. They also tell me about the things that they have done since undergrad and how I can apply my major to just about everything in society.

    I hope that everyone else is doing well. Im always here if you want to catch up. Post mid terms trip to Flight?

    Much love and hugs,

  37. Alexis D'Aloia says:

    The past month has gone pretty well for me. In regards to service, I attended my first Unity House Gala which was tons of fun (and there was really good food). This past week one my of supervisors gave me a book about food justice that I’m very excited to read, and as a whole service has been fun so far this semester having Meg and Abby there with me at the same time– although I do miss having Kelsey there too! Professionally, I’ve updated my resume, so that’s a plus. And as for academics, I’ve been enjoying all of my classes. I don’t have any classes on Fridays so it’s always nice to have a long weekend to catch up on my work. Some other positive moments from the past few weeks include building snowmen, binge watching Disney Channel Original Movies with my roommate, and of course enjoying the 70 degree weather this week!

    Hope everyone enjoys the break!

    B Love,

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