New Year, New Semester, New You

New Year, New Semester, New You

January 22, 2019 Reflections from Changemakers 69

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  1. Sydney Maughan says:

    My clean slate looks optimistic and happy. It’s filled with new opportunities and great adventures.
    In order to have no regrets, I’m going to work on not being shy and taking any/all opportunities presented to me. I’m going to push myself to do things I normally wouldn’t do.
    I’m going to push myself to be more confident and try harder so that I can excel.

  2. Andrew Tessman says:

    A clean slate for me is a time period in which I no longer have a tumult of issues to deal with and things to do. The period is usually the pause between semesters, and once I am back, it is only a matter of time before it returns again.
    HAhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha… thats funny. I think ‘regrets’ is the wrong term. We will always be doing things that we are not proud of, or look back on in hindsight and wish we handled differently. I feel like it is ingenuous, and maybe even arrogant, to think that we could live a “regret free life”. I feel like rather than desiring not to regret anything, I would rather just live my life and accept all parts of it, as opposed to thinking ill of myself for certain petty decisions.
    There is no such thing as a “best self”, I am a person who exists. Thinking that there is a potential “version” of me where I make no mistakes is the most inauthentic thing I could do. I am embracing myself for who I am, and I will not shame any part of that just to land at my “best self”.

  3. Kiara Woodward says:

    My clean slate looks like a clear mind entering the new year. I am going to make sure I don’t have any regrets this semester by putting y best foot forward in both my professional, academic and personal life. I am going to push myself to be the best version of myself by staying on top of my school work and putting my best foot forward in all of my endeavors.


  4. Justin JOhn says:

    I don’t think of me having a clean slate. I personally feel like you are a collective everything that you have experience whether good or bad. I look forward with optimism and if things get out of hand it just up to me to handle it. Those past experiences are used to motivate myself to improve the individual that I am. One thing I will do this semester so I do not have any regrets is through “falling forward” This means that I will not reflect or get depressed about a situation if I see something that I want to do or achieve I will push my self to do it. If I fail I will just learn from it and move on.

  5. Erin Spence says:

    This semester truly feels like a “clean slate” for me. Last semester, I was involved in multiple other clubs and organizations on campus. I wanted to be active in the Siena community and hoped that getting myself involved on campus would help me to find an activity or club that I enjoyed. I wanted to feel like I was making a difference in the community within Siena. Although some of these activities were fulfilling, they were not exactly what I was looking for. I did not feel like I had found my place yet. When I learned about the Bonner program, I was hopeful that it would give me the opportunity to help others and give back to the larger community, inside and outside of Siena. In the short time that I have been a part of this program, I already feel like I have learned so much just by spending time outside campus and I am really looking to serving the community this semester at Capital Roots.

    To make sure I do not have any regrets this semester, I will take every opportunity that comes my way. I think I have already begun to do this by pursuing my interests and becoming a Bonner. Through this program, I think I will be presented with many opportunities and experiences that will be useful to me later in life as I advance my career. I will not take any of these opportunities for granted, but use them to my advantage. To have a successful semester and be my “best self” I will give my full attention and energy into everything that I do. I have never been involved in a service program before. There have been organizations that I have been exposed to like this one, but at the end of last semester, I realized it was time to step out of my comfort zone. I took advantage of the opportunity I had been given. I am looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead of me this semester and in the years to come.

  6. Skylar Nijhawan says:

    My clean slate looks like taking enough time to keep up my mental health and keeping up with my time management and assignments. One way I am going to make sure not to have any regrets this semester is to utilize my time and spend as much time as needed for assignments and test prep. As well as making sure to keep enough free time and social time in my schedule. I am going to push myself to be my best self by paying close attention to my mental health and self care routines while also focusing enough time on everything else.

  7. Nia Colon says:

    My goal for this semester is to meet more people, actually go to club meetings and find my major. I think by going to club meetings I will meet new people. I will also be more engaged in activities outside of Bonner and school work. When I find out what major is right for me I will feel a lot better about everything. I am going to try to not be as stressed and just enjoy the time that I have at Siena.

  8. Nicole Pazarecki says:

    Hello Everyone,

    2019 is here! I am so excited for this year because I feel energized to do great things. I want to be more healthy, do well in school and work hard. I will try to have no regrets this semester by staying positive and not focusing so much on the little details. I want to begin the Spring semester with a strong outlook on life. Also I will try to make the best out of things when things don’t go my way. I am ready for whatever 2019 brings me!

    -Nicole Paz

  9. Meg Jones says:

    To me, a clean slate is a chance to start over and grow in a new way, leaving behind the toxicity of the past. This semester is offering a lot of new opportunity for me and although it’s a bit intimidating, I am excited to start doing things unapologetically for myself. One way I am going to make sure I have no regrets this semester is by finding my voice and not being afraid to vocalize my feelings. I will utilize the word “no” when it comes to prioritizing and time management. I am also excited to challenge myself in new ways because even if things don’t go the way as planned, I’ll be able to say that I at least tried. Practicing a positive mind set and focusing on myself is how I feel I will be successful in achieving my “best self.” I was given some great advice over the break from someone who said, “At the end of the day, the only person that can make you happy is you. You can’t focus on trying to make other people happy, that isn’t your job.” I’ve learned its okay to be a little selfish, especially if you do what is right for you and I am going to try to keep that in mind so that I am able to put my best foot forward.

  10. Meredith payson says:

    I try and live my life to the fullest everyday. Ask anyone i greet everyone with a “livin my best life.” This is because I don’t believe in regret, I believe you do everything or don’t do everything for reason and for the purpose that everything happens for a reason. I don’t think I will love this semester with any regrets because I don’t live my life with any. I live everyday the way it lays out in front of me because that’s exactly as it is and was chosen for me to live. So this semester I’m going to continue to live my best life with no regrets and just keep turning everyday into a day worth living.

  11. Taylor Disco says:

    What does your “clean slate” look like?

    This semester my clean slate looks exciting and a little overwhelming. After being abroad I really just feel as if I can achieve or do anything I put my mind to. Such a feeling can be quite a big one to take on. I think I am just going to continue to surround myself with good, and supportive people. In doing so, I will have a team that can help me make the right choices and therefore hopefully not have regrets. I think it is always important to keep pushing forward, regardless of any unexpected regrets, fear, doubts, or negativity that may present itself. I am going to push myself by keeping positive for myself and those around me. I believe with good people and a good outlook the semester can only go up.

    Also, I am very thankful to be back in Bonner as I missed everyone very much last semester!

  12. Lulama Nyembe says:

    I don’t feel as though this semester is entirely a clean slate for me. It seemed to have started out of nowhere and I was on no way, shape or form prepared to take on the workload and personal strains that I have already encountered. Despite the many challenges that I have already encounter this early on in the semester, I know that this will only condition me to become a better student. I find solace in that along with the great experiences I had last semester. Since last semester went so well, I can take the lessons I learnt from it and apply them to this semester. That is what a clean slate is to me. It is not erasing the past, but rather holding onto it and extracting lessons that from it that can be used to create a better situation and person.

    A few of challenges that I face are products of my lack of organisation and discipline. So, as soon as I get a handle on being proactive with my schoolwork and following through with the tasks I set out for myself, I be closer to becoming my best self.

  13. Kevin Ziobrowski’s says:

    My clean slate doesn’t mean too much to me. I don’t like a lot of change, and I’m usually pretty good about leading the life I want to, at least at school. One thing I’m hoping to change this semester is working out more, which shouldn’t be too hard to do. But I don’t regret not working out last semester, other things just took priority, and I prioritized those things. I guess my regret is not having enough time in the day, and technically there will be more time in each day this semester with daylight savings and all. I always take opportunity to improve myself, but I also know myself very well, and this usuall leads me to be the happiest me I can be

  14. Hayley Pij says:

    I’m really excited for this semester because it is just another opportunity for me to get involved on campus and get to know people! I’ve been excited that I have been able to work with our new Bonners at TRIP more and expand my work within the site. I really want to try to focus on my academics this semester and try not to procrastinate as much as I normally do.


  15. Kenia Ramirez says:

    This semester I am planning on taking more breaks and spending time with my friends. Since this is my last semester at Siena, I want to be able to enjoy my time here with those I love. To ensure I am taking time for friends I am making sure to use my planner and Google Calendar.

  16. Julia says:

    This semester my clean slate has a lot to do with my social life (mainly because my academic goals and future aspirations are always changing so I’ve never really experienced a clean slate in terms of school). But, as for my social life I plan on playing Club Field Hockey even though I have no idea how to play. But I figured its time to try something new! In order to avoid regrets this semester I plan on taking advantage of all of the resources Siena offers. For instance, I need to visit the academic success office and reach out to my mentors and advisors because I had a mid-college crisis the other day and questioned my major and minor for the thousandth time. But, with the help of my mentors I hope to start feeling more comfortable with my future. In order to be my “best self” this semester I really want to push myself academically. I want to solidify my major and absorb as much information as possible in my classes. Can’t wait for an awesome semester!!

  17. Justin Kenyon says:

    My clean slate this semester involves not trying to do everything myself. Its become a habit for me to take control and try to do everything myself. This pattern has led to me being incredibly overwhelmed in the past. So, in order to clean my slate I have to become less of a control freak.

  18. Emerald Power says:

    This is a semester of many lasts for me, as I embark on my final chapter at Siena. This new year brings many uncertainties. I’m eager to see where life unfolds after college, however, I am holding dear this time I have on campus. I recognize now, how impactful every moment and experience I have had at Siena has sowed into my growth. For this last semester, I hope to take advantage of all that it has to offer and enjoy the season that I am.

  19. Nancy Rasmussen says:

    My “clean slate” this semester is student teaching at Schenectady High School. I am very excited to start this, as I want to become a high school in the future. One way I am going to make sure I do not have any regrets this semester is to constantly remind myself that it is okay to make mistakes. It is important to remember that everything one goes through shapes them into the people they are today, so no one should have regrets.
    I am going to take all my assignments one by one this semester, and try not to get overwhelmed by them. I believe by doing this I am going to create my “best self”.

  20. Alexee Seifert says:

    My “clean slate” would look like to be able to realize that I can only control myself and not get worked up over things that i can’t change and people I can’t change or control. I have to realize that it is not worth the anger that those situations have brought me and it is not worth me coming of of character because of the anger built up. I am going to control only what I can and let go everything else I can’t. One way I am going to make sure I have no regrets this semester is by getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things. I am going to push myself to be the best me I can be by putting my self first and working on building myself. I am going to take more me time in order to make sure I am good to have a good semester. I am going to push myself to go outside my standards and continue to one open to both new and old things.

  21. Thomas Ruhl says:

    What does your “clean slate” look like?
    What is one way you are going to make sure you do not have any regrets this semester?
    How are you going to push yourself to be your “best self” and have a successful semester?

    My clean slate this semester is student teaching. I’ve wanted to teach since I was 10 years, and nearly 12 years later, I am finally getting to do it. This semester is kind of a weird bridge to the real world for me. I still live on campus, but I’m not taking any classes and I’m at school all day everyday. Just like the Thompson trail, this bridge can get slippery, and I already have and probably will continue to fall down a few times as I continue on my student teaching journey. But I don’t mind or regret any of these missteps. Student teaching is when I am supposed to be making these mistakes, so I am going to push myself to be my best self by trying new things, and finding out what works and what doesn’t in the classroom. Throughout this journey, I’ve got two sayings bouncing around the back of my mind. The first is to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and the second is to remember that if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

  22. Andraya Perez says:

    This semester is hopeful going to be a new slate for me. Last year I feel like I went through a lot of personal stuff and I am excited to leave that stuff behind me and start new. I am hoping that I can start if this semester is really working on myself. Last semester I really got to know myself well and I want to continue to get to know myself. I am going to do things that make me happy this semester like hanging out with my friends, doing yoga, listening to music, traveling, and watching lots of Netflix.

  23. Alyssa Lofaro says:

    My clean slate is having a more relaxing and less stressful. I feel like every semester since I have been at Siena, I have been overwhelmed and “over-involved” in different things, none of which I wanted to drop. This semester, since I am only taking 3 classes, I have more time to really enjoy the different activities I am a part of on campus and more time for myself and I am making it a point to make sure I got to the gym multiple times a week.

    Since it is my last, I really would not like to have any regrets. One of my goals for this semester was to be “more social” in the sense of having lunch/dinner with people, hanging out with different people and really enjoying my last semester on campus. I want to make sure I am taking advantage of everything Siena has going on like the basketball games and different events on campus. I think putting myself out there more this semester, will ensure I do not have any regrets.

  24. Aedan Raleigh says:

    I think that coming back to Siena I am in a really good place to start this semester with a clean slate. I am trying to start off the year by surrounding myself with people who bring me up, being more responsible in academics, and just generally doing things that make me happier. It may be overstated and not as easy as it sounds, but I think that trying to shift your focus towards all of the positive things that happen in a day as opposed to all of the negative drastically changes how you feel. I am also going to be drinking lots of Kombucha with Grace.

  25. Michael Averill says:

    I am excited for a “clean slate” this semester. My first semester of college went really well and I was very pleased by all of the opportunities I was provided with both inside and outside of the classroom. I see my clean slate this semester as the ability to learn and grow even more as a student, as a Bonner, and as a member of a greater community. College is a time for continuous growth and development as a person and I think that the beginning of a new semester is the perfect time to reflect upon that ideal.

    With my clean slate I will continue to discover what I am passionate about and what I would like to shape my future to be. I hope to stay organized with all of my work and club commitments. I would also like to focus more on making time for myself this semester. With a clean slate, I will keep my old patterns of work that were effective and set new goals so that I can continue in my college development.

  26. Grace Harris says:

    My clean slate is stay focused at my last semester at Girl Scouts and really finish up strongly at a site that has given me so many learning opportunities . I also want to take care of my mental and physical health because I am taking on a lot of new challenges both academically and in extra curriculars and I know that I can sometimes let that stress and work take over my life. I am ready to work hard but also know my limits and will not over work myself to the point were I am unhappy. That being said I am looking forward to a semester filled with friends hard work and lots of herbal tea (I am trying to stop drinking coffee)
    Lots of Love

  27. Ecli Vazquez says:

    My clean slate looks like a fresh start to the semester with all different major. To be honest last semester I learned a whole lot about myself. I learned that sometimes it’s important to sit back and realize that you are doing in the long run probably won’t be worth it. One way I won’t have any regrets is by working my hardest and knowing that I did everything possible to be successful. The way I’m going to push myself is by having motivation speech that I can read during the morning.

    When things get hard just keep moving forward !

  28. shaylaencarnacion says:

    My clean slate is not stressing myself out. All of my semesters in college I have put a tremendous amount of stress on myself to do well in classes, grow at service, and obtain the internships that I wanted. However, this semester I am using it as my last time to relax. After graduation, I am probably going to be stressed out for the rest of my life, so I want to make sure I take the time to breathe and take in everything that is happening.
    By living in the moment this semester I will make sure I have no regrets. I am trying my best to do everything that I have never participated in before at Siena because I do not want to graduate without all of the best memories ever.
    I am trying to push myself to be my best self through a lot of self-reflection and self-love. I am taking a lot of time for myself and resting. I am also trying to make sure I have everything done beforehand in order to avoid being stressed out over last minute things.
    Overall, it is my last semester and I am trying my best to make sure it is my best one. I want to enjoy the good and the bad and just have memories, and an education of a lifetime.


    • Andraya Perez says:

      I love this Shayla! All the seniors have worked so hard for the past 4 years and you all deserve to enjoy your last semester here at Siena! I am gonna remember this for my senior year next year haha

  29. Meg Conboy says:

    My clean slate looks like prioritizing myself a little bit more. I do a lot of different activities (and LOVE everything I do!), but it often doesn’t leave too much time for me. This semester, being my “best self” looks like carving out time for things I enjoy that don’t have anything to do with school, Bonner, or CA. It has meant getting up a little bit earlier and devoting more weekend time to homework, but it’s been worth it so far!


  30. Jamie del Rosario says:

    A clean slate this semester is everything to me. It is a chance to step up as a Program Associate and as a Bonner. The best way for me not to have regrets is to remind myself why I am in the program, and to stay ahead of projects as they may come up. My best self is one that I enjoy being, even if everything is not perfect. I can only do my best, and that is what all semester is about for me. As long as I can remember this much, all will be well.

  31. Isabella Barone says:

    My clean slate is me saying yes, whether it be to professional or academic development or to having fun. I want to be more open to change and experience, and a great way to do that is to simply say yes. Of course, I want to be careful to not overextend myself, but when I know that I can do something, I want to do it. Planning and organizing myself so that I get what I need to done and arranging for free time will help me fulfill this because if I don’t have free time, I don’t have the ability to say yes. With this organization, I can help balance my time and have the ability to efficiently get work done and still have time to curl up with a book this semester, or go to a hockey game, or join more clubs. I hope that organizing myself will help me realize that I can say yes far more often than I think I can and hopefully fill my days actively and have a productive but fun semester!

  32. Liliana Sanchez says:

    I rather not think of it as a clean slate but as a way of improving my skills and polishing the attributes and capabilities I have to offer to myself and to others. This semester, I want to apply myself more and be on top of things which is something I do in a regular but would like to tackle more in order to expand my success. I would also like to stay active, I have been going to the gym for two weeks now everyday and it is a time that I take for myself to reflect and relax at the same time while killing some calories. Being more active has given me more energy, I am able to stay awake and alert on classes and I am able to process and retain information a lot better. I plan on staying on my zone by motivating myself each and every day, waking up in the morning known for certain that the day will get better and better by the minute and having a positive state of mind always.

  33. Tristan says:

    My clean slate looks like a continuation of the good things from my first semester like my academics and my service while including old routines into each day that I’ve gotten away from, like putting aside time for exercise and time for enjoyment. To me, the first semester was about learning how to prioritize and balance all the important parts of my college life into a schedule. For this semester, my plan is to use what I learned last semester and implement those old routines into my schedule.

  34. Kylie Gilbride says:

    A “clean slate” is the perfect way to describe my return back to campus after a semester abroad. I feel that essentially aspect of my life at the moment is new and will definitely take some getting used to. Although this can be daunting, I choose to look at this as yet another opportunity for growth and learning. I am looking forward to see where my “clean slate” will lead me and what new opportunities will come by way this semester.

  35. ginger spice says:

    My clean slate looks like new service opportunities. This semester I will be serving at RISSE with the refugee population and I’m beyond excited for what lies ahead. I’ve had ups and downs with serving in the past and this semester I have the chance to rewrite my service story with a site and service team I’m really excited about. My course load this semester is more manageable and allows me time to ACTUALLY BREATHE!

    All in all this semester is a clean slate when I look at it as a big picture. 2019 is going to be great!

    • Alyssa Lofaro says:

      Your going to do AMAZING things at RISSE and I cannot wait to see them! You have grown so much over the past three years and I am so proud of everything you have done, and you should be too! 2019 IS going to be a great year!

  36. Amelia Butler says:

    My “clean slate” is like me giving myself a fresh start. Last semester taught me a lot about myself and I want to use those experiences to give myself a chance to really grow this semester. I have learned, probably most importantly, that it is essential to ask for help and guidance when you need it. I think that is going to be really important to ensure that I have no regrets this semester. I also want to start really going after what I want without fear of failing or being wrong. I want to fearlessly throw myself into my future with all of my heart and strength. In order to be my “best self” this semester, I need to work on being true to myself and holding myself accountable. If I say something is going to happen, I am going to work as hard as I can to make it happen. I’m done making excuses. I want this semester to be successful, and I am going to work my butt off to make sure it is.

  37. Rayan Omer says:

    My clean slate involves me managing my time more efficiently and effectively, and socially putting myself more out there. In addition to that I want to ask for help when I need it instead of trying to figure out everything on my own.

    I can achieve no regrets this semester by making certain times of my day a time where I have to get work done whether it’s helping at home, studying, or doing homework. Also I could join clubs and start speaking up in my classes. I can always go to office hours for extra help.

    In order to achieve my “best-self” this semester, I’m going to remind myself that when things get tough or when they don’t as how I expected them to go, to take a deep breathe and just try to work through it since I can’t change it. Also I’m going to change the way I see myself, by believing in myself and my abilities. Having a little more confidence never hurts!

  38. A'Livija Mullins-Richard says:

    My clean slate involves me being more disciplined academically and easy going emotionally.
    As I have switched my major from Biology to Political Science, I have a lot of reading and writing to do (which I LOVE.) I am going to challenge myself this semester to stay ahead of my assignments as well as speak up more confidently on my opinions in class. I will set up my free time so that I can still be productive in some way.
    In addition, I will not let myself get upset or stressed about anything this semester. I have the habit of focusing on a bad thing and beating myself up for it. However, this semester, whether it could be prevented or not, if something I don’t like happens, I will let it go. It will not matter in the grand scheme of things.

    • Andraya Perez says:

      I am so excited for you! This is so exciting can’t wait to see how you like the new changes in your life!

  39. Madison Kousoulas says:

    My “clean slate” involves me being more confident when having to make decisions while also leaving behind any doubtful thoughts that I have had this past year, whether that be about myself or the choices that I have made. This also includes me being less anxious and nervous about the little things in life that really are not that important. I want to start looking at the big picture of life and start taking advantage of all the opportunities that I have be given.
    I’m really going to try to not be as stressed out this semester and take everything one day at a time. Looking back at last semester I really regret trying to plan every moment of everyday; this system really pushed my stress through the roof. This semester I am going to relax a little more and live in the moment of everyday. I will constantly remind myself that there are plenty of hours in the day to get things done and that I do not have to rush to do everything.
    I am going to really try to focus on becoming my “best self” by taking some time to just be in the moment and be present in everything that I do. By constantly reminding myself that it is okay to take a break sometimes and leaning into my insecurities, I hope to have a very successful semester.

  40. Abby Hoekman says:

    My clean slate involves me being more present in everyday life. I find that I get so caught up in what’s ahead of me or am just going through the motions that I rarely take time to appreciate what’s in front of me. This semester I will be more present and purposeful in my classes, at service, in friendships, and in my minimal downtime. I am going to make sure I have no regrets this semester by being intentional with my actions and words. I plan to pursue friendships and spend more time with those who help me to be my “best self” but also challenge me to grow and develop in ways I never thought I was capable. More specifically, I intend to spend more time with Cru, the campus ministry I am involved in and want to attend more small group meetings and events to grow deeper in my faith and in spiritual friendships. I am going to push myself to be my “best self” and have a successful semester by acknowledging when I am in need of help. Whether this be in my personal life or in my academic life, I will reach out sooner to the many resources I have available to me in order to keep my grades and morale afloat.

    • Emerald Power says:

      Abby, you inspire me so much! You have the most genuine and pure demeanor. I hope this semester brings growth with its challenges and successes. You are incredible!

  41. Shelby Doren says:

    My clean slate includes me prioritizing my different clubs and activities. I also want to start being able to say no when I feel I am to overworked with different tasks and activities. I just started a new position on Student Senate and I could not be more excited to be apart of it. However this means I will have to further work on time management with my service site, student senate, and rugby. I don’t want to regret not taking an opportunity when one presents itself, however this does mean I will have to further work on figuring out what I need to cut back on. I am going to push myself to think about self care and take a break every once and while when I know I need it to achieve my best self.

  42. Samantha Gisleson says:

    My “clean slate” involves me working hard, but not holding myself to unreachable standards. I sometimes get caught up in what I’m not doing, which in turn distracts me from doing my best at what I am doing. This semester I hope to continue pushing myself in classes, to keep exploring new clubs and opportunities, and to let myself relax and take a break when I need one. One way that I am going make sure that I don’t have any regrets at the end of this semester is by giving my 100% to everything I do. I hope to become a more active member at my site and to develop closer relationships with my professors this semester than I did last semester. I plan to focus on using my time wisely, which includes using extra time that I have to delve deeper into the topics of my course that really interest me, while also finding time to go get a bite to eat or seeing a movie with friends to keep from becoming too overwhelmed. One way I am going to push myself to be my “best self” is to never give up on myself or the things I want, but to also be the best student, friend, sister, daughter and Bonner that I can be amidst all of the craziness that will come with my second semester of sophomore year. By the end of this semester I hope to have a more clear idea of what it is I want to do Post-Siena, but as a Freshman, I know that that will come with time and I can’t pressure myself as each new experience will affect me and what I want to pursue later on in life. Overall, my goal for this semester is to be productive yet happy!

  43. Monique Lawrence says:

    My clean slate looks like a time and place where I am able to reflect on the past and use them as a way to push myself to go better things. I also think that I have a clean state when the opinions and influences of people do not matter much to me. So, for me, a clean slate does not happen for me when a new semester starts because of the philosophy classes and the department being so small and close. My clean state would be me moving back to the city after graduation and starting in a position where I literally only know the people who hired me and my friend who referred me (shoutout to Emily Heald).

    One of the things that I have done in order to have no regrets is not working as much as I have been before. I am able to spend more time with other people that I might not see after graduation. I also invite my friends to do simple things with me like going grocery shopping or cooking. I am going to push myself by being able to slow down and enjoy my last semester with my friends and roommates. For my classes, I want to be able to get ahead as much as possible so I can enjoy time with other people and also leave a good impression on my teachers.

  44. Alexis D'Aloia says:

    My clean slate looks like a fresh start from last semester. Living in a new building, being a new CA, and taking on lots of new responsibilities really means that I am starting new this year. This clean slate is a bit overwhelming but I am looking forward to the new experiences and opportunities that arise. One way I am going to ensure that I do not have any regrets this semester is by thoroughly planning out my schedule. With balancing everything going on this semester, I want to make sure that I make enough time for my friends, school work, CA life, Bonner, and most importantly time for myself. By doing this I hope to manage my time and therefore not regret missing out on anything. I am going to push myself to be my “best self” and have a successful semester by learning how to manage my time and balance everything that I just mentioned. I will do my best to be present in all areas of my life and have my boss, friends, staff, etc. hold me accountable for my actions and decisions.

    • Alyssa Lofaro says:

      I am sure your entire Bonner Family will be their to support you this semester! We are all so happy for you to be taking this CA role!

  45. Gregory Winkelstern says:

    I want my clean slate to look like the continuation of everything positive from last semester while leaving behind the things that weren’t so great. I want to always be progressing along in my journey even though I don’t know which direction I’m traveling in at any given moment.
    The main way I plan to make sure I don’t have any regrets this semester is by reminding myself of my goals when I start to get run down later on in the semester. I want to try to correct this when I first notice it instead of leaning into it, because if I become lazy and surrender then all aspects of my life will be impacted negatively, likely creating regrets.
    I plan to push myself to be the best self I can be by being more aware of my surroundings and listening more to the people I interact with. I want to be in the moment, or present, more often. I am very excited to see where this semester turns out.

  46. Emma Henderschedt says:

    I always love the beginning of the semester because it serves as a good way for me to set goals. Last semester was one of the best that I have had, yet there were still challenges that persisted. This semester I want to really focus on making the most of my last few months at Siena. While I recognize that there will be hard moments, I want to continue to surround myself with people that lift me up and bring me me joy. My “clean slate” this semester will consist of being more confident in my post graduate plans, spending time laughing & making memories with my friends, and doing things in the moment that make me happy.
    I am going to try to limit having regrets this semester by reminding myself that I am making decisions based on my own personal happiness. I hope to hold myself accountable to this by journaling how I am feeling every single day.
    I am going to push myself to be the best version of myself this semester by working on dealing with anxiety in healthy ways. I plan on practicing self care, spending time with friends, and trying to not get behind in all of my classes so that I can enjoy the end of the semester before graduation.

  47. Laniqua Mack says:

    My last and final semester of my undergraduate career to me is less about a “clean slate” and more about perfecting the slate I already have. My goals for this semester is to graduate on time with a plan as a post graduate. I do not want to graduate without a clear path of whats next for me. One major goal I have is to not miss any classes. I don’t think I have ever had perfect attendance for any class and I want to make that happen for my last semester. I am going to stay focused, motivated and surround myself with people who can only further my future plans.

    • Emerald Power says:

      Rooting for you this semester LaLa! You are capable of anything you set your mind to and will take on this world with your strength and determination!

  48. Harriet Koblenzer says:

    I am very excited about this semester, and am gonna do everything I can to accomplish my goals and enjoy being at Siena. I hope to do more outside readings on subjects I am passionate about. I am going to make time to apply and hopefully earn an internship for the summer. The most important thing I hope to do this semester is focus on myself, and how to improve my well-being.
    What is one way you are going to make sure you do not have any regrets this semester?
    I want to look back and be proud of most all things that happened over this semester. In order to do that I need to keep my goals in mind, and take the semester day by day.

    • Alyssa Lofaro says:

      This sounds like a great plan Harriet! If you need any help with internship applications let me know! I am so happy to here that you are focusing on yourself, that is the best goal you could have!

  49. Marlie Frisco says:

    This semester, I am excited for a “clean slate” as I recently changed my major to Health Sciences. This will give me the opportunity to focus on a more health focused education. I am excited to be learning about global health and the health care system in general. In addition, I am looking forward to having a more diverse academic schedule throughout the semester. While I am “resetting” my major and will have a clean slate on that front, all of the classes I have taken still contribute to the new major and are beneficial for the upcoming classes I will be taking.

    One way I am going to make sure that I do not have any regrets this semester is by accomplishing realistic tasks. I plan on setting accomplishable goals that can be completed this semester. For example, I am looking for jobs in the healthcare field. An opportunity such as that will allow me to begin to work towards my goal of going to PA school and also interact with new people.

    I am going to push myself to be my “best self” and have a successful semester by planning time to relax. Whether it is watching a quick TV show or just simply taking a minute to breathe, I am going to ensure that I am being productive and happy all semester. Further, this will help me accomplish more during the time that I am working and be less stressed during the time I don’t have to work.

    • Emerald Power says:

      I am so happy for you Marlie! I hope this semester and all its changes bring you clarity and peace. There is no doubt that you will conquer this semester!

  50. Dana Wakeman says:

    My clean slate includes not putting pressure on myself for things that are out of my control. This will allow me to stress less and focus on what matters most this semester. I will try not to have regrets this semester by finding a better balance between school, service, and life. For example, I will take time to spend time with friends instead of getting ahead on homework when it’s not due for awhile. Finally, this semester, I will be pushing myself to be my “best self” by giving myself some grace because I am not perfect, so I will make mistakes, but it’s important to move on and not focus on it.

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