Spending a Year Postgrad with the Siena College AmeriCorps VISTA Program

Spending a Year Postgrad with the Siena College AmeriCorps VISTA Program

January 30, 2019 Stories from ACE 0

Prior to being accepted to Siena College’s AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship Program, I struggled with determining whether I wanted to go right to graduate school after undergrad or if I wanted to peruse a full-time job. I felt that a one year term of service could be the perfect opportunity for me to grow professionally and gain experience, while also deciding what I wanted to do in my long term future. I could not be happier with my decision to accept the AmeriCorps position at Siena College. There are so many added benefits to the AmeriCorps program at Siena compared to other AmeriCorps positions that it was the clear choice for me. For example, our once a month team building days allow myself and the other VISTA’s to come together and receive different kinds of professional training that we would not otherwise receive if we were alone at our sites. Additionally, it is nice to be able to go to a place where there are fifteen-plus other people going through many of the same things that you are. I receive plenty of professional support at my site, The Food Pantries for the Capital District, but I feel questions about my development and any personal issues I experience are better addressed by the ACE staff. More specifically, Laura, Cassidy, and Will at the ACE office make me feel secure and supported and are there for me around the clock to help me out in any situation. None of the other AmeriCorps positions I looked for had anything close to what Siena’s program has to offer and without the staff, team building days, and the other VISTA’s, I do not think I would feel as confident and prepared for the next steps of my life both personally and professionally.

Jacob Landis, Siena College AmeriCorps VISTA Fellow


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