Does Teamwork Really Make the Dream Work?

Does Teamwork Really Make the Dream Work?

February 4, 2019 Reflections from Changemakers 67

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  1. Harriet Koblenzer says:

    The best part of working on a team is making new connections and relationships. The most challenging part is keeping in communication with everyone, and understanding where everyone is at. Teamwork has definitely played a key role into the success of our team as we can accomplish more tasks and work together on projects. Michael recently made a Google Sheet for all the Bonners to put down their tasks and due dates for them to be accomplished.

  2. Kevin Ziobrowski says:

    What has been the best part about working as a team? What has been most challenging?
    The best aspect of working as a team is having multiple perspectives, which allows a group to have more strengths. However, this also can lead to being more easily distracted.
    How has teamwork played a role into the success of your site team?
    It has allowed us to accomplish tasks at a much faster rate, and gather much more extensive data.
    How do you hold the members of your site accountable to make that they are committed to the team?
    I do nor, I am the least senior member of my team at work, so it would be strange for me to make sure my supervisors are doing their parts.
    How can you move forward with your site team to ensure a successful semester? What do you need from your site supervisor(s) to do this? What do you need from your ACE team to do this?
    There is not much that can be done, most of our Bonners do not interact with each other because we work in different programs at our site.

  3. Julia says:

    The best part about working as a team at BGCCA is that everyone is very supportive and we are able to bounce ideas off of each other. For example, Lily and I decided that it would be a great idea to combine her dance program with my Spanish program one day and teach the kids about different cultures and their unique dances. The most challenging part about working as a team is turning ideas into actions. The obstacles that arise can be stressful and impact a team’s ability to work together. As a site team we meet a few times a semester to make sure everyone is progressing at BGCCA. This helps us meet our goals in terms of starting new programs or finding out how we can use our talents to help BGCCA. These meetings also serve as a way to hold us accountable. If we are not making a positive impact on the Club, we discuss ways to become more involved. In order to move forward, my site team should definitely continue to have “check in” meetings. Our site supervisor is very understanding about when the Bonners need to meet as a team. I think it would be beneficial if we scheduled a meeting with Sonya to hear her input on our impact at the Club. From the ACE team I will continue to need their amazing support! I also think using a Wednesday night meeting to have site team bonding/discussions would be a great way to increase our ability to work in teams at our sites. B-LOVE!!

  4. Taylor Disco says:

    The best part about working with a team is you can rely on each other and lean on one another. This can be done in terms of support and also in terms of holding one another reliable. It has been amazing to see how much I have learned from the individuals in the Bonner Program as well as individuals at my site.

    When I was at ALH teamwork played a big role in how we got projects done. The team truly helped each other out especially if unexpected events presented themselves. We always sought each other out for advice which ultimately created a safer, more productive environment.

    This semester things are in a little crazy for me, the capstone and graduating. I believe the understanding of Katie, the team, and my family has really helped me try to push forward even if I feel I have fallen behind or messed up. I wouldn’t want to ever take the program for granted, the team, or the community.

  5. Andrew Tessman says:

    Working as a team has its pros and cons. One of those pros is that large tasks can be accomplished much easier; a con is that all people must carry their weight.
    There are a bunch of tasks that rely on me working with and through people at my site. Some of which I actually cannot complete unless certain people are present and vice verse. When more people are present, the better that work can be accomplished.
    I make sure that I do the work allotted to me and always follow up with every member of the team so that things can be accomplished according to task and time constraints.
    To move forward in my site, I need time to keep on passing (joke (get it? Sorry, that one was poorly timed (*buh dum tss*))).

  6. Skylar Nijhawan says:

    I think the best part about working as a team is that many people have different strengths and weaknesses so where one person has a weakness another person who sees that as their strength can help with that. I think the most challengeing is communication because it is such an important role and can be so difficult to keep on. I think teamwork hasnt played enough of a part into the success of my site team because of the fact that we are working on such different things that cant really be put together. I think me and my team need to work a little more on holding each other accountable. I think the most important thing is that me and my team members need to communicate more and we are working on that.

  7. Marlie Frisco says:

    The best part about working as a team is being able to collaborate on all of the work we do. If I am unsure about one of the projects I am working on, I can talk to my other team members to see if they have any ideas or suggestions. This is extremely beneficial because as a bigger team this semester, it is exciting to be able to work with so many different people. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to all be on the same page if we are collaborating on a project but are not working on it at the same time. I think in general, teamwork has been a crucial factor of the success of my site because we often work on different projects but they are connected in one way or another. I hold the other members of my site accountable by regularly checking in with them to ensure we are all using our time effectively and are actively working to benefit our site. In order to move forward with my site team and have a successful rest of the semester, we need to maintain our communication regarding our projects. By doing this, we will be able to continue being productive and understanding each others work.

  8. Nancy Rasmussen says:

    The best part about being part of a team is the sense of friendship. The most challenging part is having different outlooks on life and disagreeing on certain things. Teamwork has played a role into the success of my site team because in Girl Scouts we have to plan meetings and try to run them smoothly. I told my site accountable by checking up on them and what they’re doing. I think my site team can meet more to ensure even smoother and successful meetings. I would need the site team supervisor to be more engaged in what we are doing at Troy 2. I need good role models and support from my ACE team.

  9. Emma Henderschedt says:

    The best part about working at a team at the WAGE Center has been getting to utilize skills from every individual. It has been great to get to learn from my peers, especially since I look up to people like my supervisor as a mentor. The most challenging part is usually the motivation of those I work with. Often times I feel like my “get it done” attitude differs from some of the other interns who seem to be more laid back. Often this conflict can lead to me doing most of the work. I need to be better at delegating so that I do not get overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. I am learning to hold people accountable and more importantly holding myself accountable. I plan on working on this by delegating tasks and maintaining more records about tasks.
    To ensure a successful continuation of the semester, I plan on learning more from my team members and working as a a cohesive unit where we lift each other and make up for each others weaknesses in our own strengths.

  10. Nia Colon says:

    The best thing about working with a team is that I get to have new relationships with people and work on various skills. So far there hasn’t been anything that was too challenging but that can change at any point in time. I think teamwork has helped the success of my site team by allowing us to easily communicate. I think the members all have the same commitment and we all want the best for the kids. I think if we continue to communicate and make sure the kids enjoy their time, we will continue to be successful. I need my site supervisors and the ACE Team to continue to push me.

  11. Sydney Maughan says:

    I’ve got to learn what other people know and their opinions on certain topics. It’s allowed me to be open to different point of views on how to go about a situation. But the most challenging part of working as a team is when there are people who don’t work or contribute to the project. Other then that everything’s been going well. Teamwork at my site has allowed projects to be completed quicker and allows 2 people (or more) to look at the material and make sure we didn’t miss anything. Concerning the new semester I plan to work on compromising with others and embracing other ideas, not just my own. In order to accomplish this goal, I’d need support from site supervisors. As for my ACE team I could use more in depth conversations concerning our beliefs and the many situations we face in the world, like we have been doing every Wednesday.

  12. Kylie Gilbride says:

    I have learned to value the concept of teamwork as I’ve progressed through the Bonner program, especially because I was the only Bonner at Castle Island as a freshman. It is so important to be able to have a team to work with in order to delegate tasks, assist, collaborate with, and support each other.

    My other site, CPI, completely revolves around teamwork. Throughout the semester, each team is responsible for producing a finished product that must get the job done and later be presented. This would not be possible without cohesiveness and unity among all teams and team members.

  13. Meghan Conboy says:

    For me, the best part of working as a team is having someone to share the Bonner experience with. I was alone at my site last semester, and it was a good experience, but I’m really excited to have another Bonner, Meredith, at my site this semester because it just makes it easier. The most challenging part of working as a team is maintaining communication, since we’re all on different schedules at CMA.

    Teamwork is essential to our success at CMA, because the entire site team shares responsibilities that contribute to the greater good of the organization. We use regular meetings and email communication to hold our team accountable. The team meetings are a new edition to our CMA schedule, but I think it’s important to maintain them because they help with accountability.

    I need my supervisors and ACE to be flexible and adaptable, to help me balance all my responsibilities and stay accountable to myself this semester.

  14. Justin Kenyon says:

    As a member of CPI, are whole entire existence revolves around group work. We help keep each other accountable by setting deadlines, and holding team hours. In order to provide the best product for our non profit we have to be able to count on each other. To ensure a successful semester each member of our team has to be successful in their portion of the project. With all of this it should be a successful semester.

  15. Liliana Sanchez says:

    I definitely struggle working as a team, mainly because i don’t like to depend on people and am more of an independent person. Although I do like bouncing off ideas which I think is the best part of teamwork. At my site, we are all a big team and everyone is pretty much open to help out and share their input. However, the reliability of the team members is not so trusting because everyone is busy running the organization. Overall, I think team work is as important as independent work. I just need to work on a balance of each.

    • Katie Zyniecki says:

      You said it great- it’s about finding a balance between teamwork and independent work. You can do it though, I believe in you! Keep pushing and challenging yourself AND your team members.

  16. Lulama Nyembe says:

    The best part about working as a team is that it has allowed us to get to know one another and all have our hand in changing someone’s life. Just that fact alone is enough to foster strong bonds and relationships between team members. However, this is a challenge because we’re all spread out across different departments. This limits the weekly interactions we have with each other. Be that as may be, the wide dispersion allows the entire organization to run more efficiently since every department has an extra set of hands.

    I think the best way to keep my team members accountable is to have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Once those are in place, there will be no confusion as to what one should do. Currently, it seems as though there aren’t enough Bonners at my site who know exactly what their role is. There are ongoing projects which we assist with, however once one is done there is a high level of uncertainty as to what comes next. To obtain the outline of one’s roles and responsibilities, we would need our site supervisor and the various department heads to let us know what it is they need from us long-term as opposed to only short-term.

  17. Rayan Omer says:

    The best part about working in a team is that you can rely on others to have your back and that they can rely on you as well. Also it’s good to be able to have someone to say your input with and get feedback from. The most challenging is when your ideas may not work out with your team members.

    Teamwork has played a huge role in the success in my site because we can get a lot of tasks done in an orderly and timely manner.

    I haven’t been asking my team member if they have been doing what they’re suppose to be doing, because I have faith that they are, but in the future I will be sure to do that.

    Keeping in contact with my site memebers to talk about what their roles are and how they’re doing would be good. Also, I think having more checkups once a month will make sure things are going well and be easier to address any issues that might be needed to be brought up.

  18. Isabella Barone says:

    The best part about working as a team is coordinating to work most efficiently and support each other. My site is a smaller site, and it’s nice to have another Bonner to work with and discuss how to best help our site. The most challenging part, for me, is remembering that I do have a team that I can support and be supported by. Coordinating my work at my site has been difficult for me, but remembering that there is a team I can talk to to figure out what to do and how to do it best has made it a lot easier.
    I would say that I have succeeded to any degree at my site because of the support I’ve received. It’s a difficult site to be sometimes, and having a more experienced team member to advise and guide me has taken a lot of pressure off. When I am unsure or overwhelmed, having another person to bounce off of is incredibly helpful.
    To hold each other accountable, we have opened up communication and check in to see if we’re both on the right path.
    Continuing to talk to and work with my team members will help ensure the most successful semester possible. Working with and off one another will hopefully strengthen our site and our work.

  19. Aedan Raleigh says:

    In CPI staying organized as a team is a huge part of our work, especially considering that our semester work ends with a final collaborative project. Accountability with this is obviously really important given that if one person doesn’t pull their weight then the physical project will not be completed. I am really lucky though to currently have a team that checks in regularly to give updates on our work, address challenges we face, and divide/collaborate on work. My team members are super responsible which leads me to believe that if I can’t identify the irresponsible team member, it might be me?

    • Grace Harris says:

      It might!

    • Katie Zyniecki says:

      I doubt it! I bet you’re all just so good at motivating each other and holding all the team members accountable so there’s no room for anyone to be the “irresponsible” team member.

  20. Kenia says:

    As many others have stated a team makes it easier to accomplish goals. This semester, I have a team at TRIP who is assisting me with my capstone. Through their support, supervision, and help I have been able to gain insight on my research topic and move forward with my research. At the youth shelter teamwork is essential!! A majority of our clients have a CPS worker, a mental health clinician, a probation officer or other caseworkers. It is vital for us to all meet and ensure the youth is being provided with all their services and to plan for reunification of the family or provide the client with a plan for the stable living environment. If we did not work as a team our client would not be receiving the best from us.

  21. Ecli Vazquez says:

    For me, the best part of working as a team is being able to get different ideas to tackle a challenge. Everyone comes from different backgrounds so everyone’s experience counts. The most challenging thing comes with working as a team is when someone tries to act as a leader. This causes a lot of people to just shut down and not talk. At my site, the staff that works their is everything everyone works together to help the kids in the best way possible to teach them how to handle challenging events that come in life. To be honest everything at my site is going well, we recently got new toys so the kids are more entertained.
    Peace & Love

  22. Meg Jones says:

    Being a part of a team that consists of so many diverse opinions and personalities at my site is a really cool thing to be a part of. I am always interacting with new people who are coming in and out of the Sanctuary with lessons, ideas, and instruction. I think the most challenging would be finding where my voice fits into the team since I’ve only been here for a few weeks and I’m so young. It’s really reassuring to know that my supervisors and team are open to new ideas though and encourage the young intern perspective. My site needs teamwork to run; it’s so dependent on having people willing to work on new projects and cooperate with one another in order to deliver the best services to the community.

    We hold each other accountable at my site by having a schedule of when everyone’s times are and what they should be working on during certain times. That way, everyone gets what they need to do in a certain time frame and then they are able to work on another exciting project. We vocalize and check in with our supervisor to update him on what we have been working on at the end of our day and can always reach out if he wants us to work on anything else or help with something that might need to get done. I will continue to do the assignments I am given in a timely manner and challenge myself to not be afraid to voice my opinions. I really just need my supervisors and ACE team is to be open to new ideas and their support in guiding me through things I may not understand (which they are incredible at). I am so excited to continue my work at my site this year and watch the events unfold that my team is working so hard on!

  23. Hayley Pijanowski says:

    This semester I have really enjoyed working as a team at TRIP. Now that the freshmen are more acquainted, we have been able to work on some great projects! It’s nice to have a team because you can rely on other members to finish something that you have started, but sometimes this can be challenging without good communication. We have started to use a white board in the center of our office to keep track of tasks and our schedules. This has been very helpful.
    We have been successful as a team because we have been able to complete the tasks that have been given to us. As a team we are starting to grow more and do more things within the site. I think by having a good work environment we have been able to stay committed to the team. We genuinely enjoy working together which has been a positive aspect of our team.
    To ensure this success in the future, we have to keep communication flowing and working as a unit. A lot of the work at TRIP can be done on the individual level, but we are starting to work on things in groups. Sometimes it is helpful to plan ahead and try to line up your class schedule so that you are able to be at TRIP at certain times.

    • Katie Zyniecki says:

      You are totally right Hayley, communication definitely is the key! It seems like the TRIP team has come up with some great ways to help ensure communication is effective and efficient though.

  24. Yom Ruhl says:

    The best part of working on the PA team has always been working with the other PAs. In my three years as a PA, some of my closest friends have been right next to me in the more house, so that has been awesome. However the most challenging part of being on the PA team is making sure that everyone has an even workload, and that everyone is doing the work that is expected of them.
    Teamwork plays a huge role in the functioning of the PA team. We meet as a group with Katie every week to make sure we are on task, assisting where we can, and staying up to date on what’s happening next. This meeting is a great example of how the PA team works together, and is very important to making everything run smoothly. They are also a great opportunity to hold everyone accountable and offer support if needed. Unfortunately, I’ve had to step back from being a PA this semester due to student teaching, but I am confident that Katie and the rest of the PA team will keep everything on track. I know that I am leaving Bonner in good hands when I’m gone

  25. Kathryn Casey says:

    The only downside I could see from working in a team is when the group can’t come to a consensus on the best way to tackle the project or issue being worked on. Other than that teamwork is really one of the best ways to get things done thats why the wonder pets made a song about it. Teammates are a really great resource to go to for fresh and different perspectives and when executing tasks having extra man power is always helpful. This isn’t close to the most productive thing I’ve ever done at service but it definitely is a great example of teamwork. One day at my site we got a very large donation of lil bites, so much so it filled the entire back of a large van. Nobody had the time to move the lil bites so my site mates and I helped them unload. The lil bites seemed endless but we eventually got them unloaded through the use of teamwork. Hopefully in the future we can use our teamwork to tackle larger problems.

  26. Nicole Pazarecki says:


    Teamwork does make the dream work! I believe working with a team can be very helping because you have different perspectives, but different perspectives can cause difficulty. I think working as a team can make you a better person because you can manage to work with people you can or cannot agree with. At TRIP teamwork is needed because we have no many different departments, that communication is key. Also if I am working with a team at school, it is necessary that all team members do there share of the work. Teamwork is am important quality because it is used in life everyday.

  27. Jamie del Rosario says:

    The best part about working in a team within the PA squad is definitely seeing our individual efforts come together in helping to guide the Bonner Program on campus. We have to work together and coordinate efficiently in order to put on events, run smooth trainings, and keep up on various administrative tasks in the office. We hold each other accountable through our weekly meetings, and make sure to keep updates on what we are accomplishing in our roles, as well as what we might need an extra hand in. There are constantly emails being sent out and basecamp reminders with due dates and comment threads to help make sure each member knows what needs to be done and can remain on schedule. I think continued support for one another is necessary to finish out the rest of the semester successfully, as well as Andraya and I really working together to get ready for the introduction of some possible new members!

  28. Pierre says:

    If there is no team work than the dream will almost certainly not work. Being part of a team is an essential part of not only the professional world but life in general. Through team work we can accomplish what we could not accomplish alone. Especially in our designated sites team work is crucial. Not only is teamwork crucial but communication is a central part as well. Communication among coworkers, site team leaders and supervisors. If one was to try and handle every single task by themselves we essentially would not get anything done. However, as stated before communication is key and central to the fluidity of teamwork and how efficiently we are able to finish projects and workloads that may arise.

  29. A'Livija Mullins-Richard says:

    What has been the best part about working as a team? What has been most challenging?
    How has teamwork played a role into the success of your site team?
    The best part about working as a team at the Produce Project has definitely been having positive relationships with my supervisors and my students. I am able to express my ideas for the program and my supervisors hear me and help me put these ideas into action. I also am on the board of another local non profit that needs help with fundraising and the development and marketing team at Capital Roots agreed to meet with me to give me ideas!! While at the farm, the students give me pointers on how to do certain things more efficiently which makes me very happy because I love learning things from them. I think it also displays how they have the ability to channel leadership skills which is something I want to push them to express more (we have a lot of shy kids).

    The most challenging thing has been building a relationship with the students that is friendly but also authoritative. I can connect with the students in ways my supervisors can’t which allows me to speak to the students from experience. Because of this, the students really listen to what I say and appreciate my input. However, I still can’t seem to be able to gain control over for example, a dispute between 2 students because they do not see me as an authoritative figure. I don’t necessarily want to be “authoritative”, just respected somewhat.

    We all hold each other accountable by doing what we call “Real Talk” which is where we go around and give one another one positive and one thing they can work on. I just experienced my first Real Talk recently, and I got a lot of really good positive feedback. The things I was told to work on from the students was to get to know them more and to speak more about my college experience. For positives, I got a lot of “you have good energy”, or “you’re a funny nerd”, but the one I loved the most from one of the students was “For you to only be an intern, you really treat this like its your job”.

    For a successful semester, I will continue to network at Capital Roots, communicate with my supervisors, and get to know my students more.

    • Katie Zyniecki says:

      I’m so glad that you’re enjoying your Capital Roots team and continuing to work on building deeper connections with them each time you go to service!

  30. Dana Wakeman says:

    The best part of working as a team is having other people to rely on when working on projects. However, a challenge of working as a team is making sure that everyone’s voice is heard. Teamwork at my site is based on supporting one another because we are not there at the same time, but work on similar tasks. We can hold each other accountable by checking in on one another to make sure we are continuing to work on projects. Moving forward, it is important for our site team to continue to support one another, and we also need continual support from our site supervisor and ACE team too.

  31. Andraya Perez says:

    Working at the more house all of last semester and this semester has been an awesome experience working with the PA team. At the beginning of last semester, we as a team all took a Myer Brigg’s test to see how all of our personalities work together and who might make the best team, our strengths, and our weakness. I really enjoy being a part of this team because everyone is so helpful. I still feel like I am learning stuff about being a PA and the other PA’s have been very helpful and patient with me, which I really appreciate. It can be challenging to work as a team because sometimes we don’t always see eye to eye, but we usually work it out if no hard feelings. We are really great about keeping ourself’s accountable by having weekly meetings and sharing to each other what we have been working on.

  32. Erin Spence says:

    The best part about working as a team has been the camaraderie that is created. Working with others to reach a common goal is very rewarding and when a task is completed, there is a great sense of teamwork and accomplishment. The most challenging part about working with a team has been the difficulty of incorporating each members ideas and contributions. It is important to acknowledge each members thoughts and be open to what they have to say. Teamwork has played a role in the success of my site team because we each have a role that we are responsible for in order to be successful. Each person must take responsibility for what they need to do so that the team is successful as a whole. At Capital Roots, I have not been a part of any large group projects yet, but I think the best way to hold the rest of a team accountable check in on the progress that they are making for the team. Hard work is a great sign that a person is committed and responsible. To move forward and ensure a successful semester, I think it would be beneficial to have a conversation with the people I will be working with and talk about our expectations for ourselves and the project we are working on. I will need my site supervisor to guide us and give direction for what is expected from her and to be ready and willing to help us and answer any questions we may have. Also, I will need support from my ACE team to have a successful semester. Ultimately, we are all working towards the same goal and it is encouraging to have the support of my fellow peers.

    • Jamie del Rosario says:

      Definitely don’t be afraid to reach out to your supervisor to challenge you, it is one of the best ways we can grow in this program!

  33. Amelia Butler says:

    The best part about working in a team at my site is the opportunity to learn. By working in a team, I am able to think about new ways of approaching issues that I may not have been able to think of if I were working on my own. Working in a team can be challenging, however, if disagreements arise between team members arise. It is important to go into working with a team with an open mind in order to learn as much as you can and prevent major disagreements. I am constantly working as a part of a team at Capital Roots. I am a part of the team working in the Food Hub. It is important for us to maintain communication and be open and honest about what we may need help with. We hold each other accountable by maintaining these open lines of communication and being willing to help one another out when we need it. Moving forward, I would love to continue working with my current team while also taking opportunities to work with other staff and interns in other teams. I woul love an opportunity to wok with other Bonners on projects at my site since I usually do not get the opportunity to do so.

  34. Kayla Sweet says:

    I have recently started serving RISSE this semester and I’m very excited. My time with the site has been so limited that I haven’t been able to really develop any relationships there yet. I am the only Bonner or ACE member at the site so there isn’t a full team there yet. I think that this is a challenge of the site because I don’t have the opportunity to discuss thoughts and feelings about service with any peers of mine. This can also be seen as a positive of the site so my opinions are solely based on my experience. I will make sure this semester is successful by continuing to communicate with my supervisor, Theresa and with Katie as ACE’s partnership with RISSE continues to grow.

    • Katie Zyniecki says:

      I am always here for you Kayla and think you’re doing a great job as you transition into this new site and partnership! Always here on your team if you ever need me!

  35. Kiara Woodward says:

    The best part of working in a group at my site is being able to gain the point of views of others on a topic. A challenge is I am not often put in group situations. But this allows me to enjoy group projects even more when they come up! The challenge of College Access Day will be a time where teamwork will be put to use. Holding all of the members of a team accountable and taking sure everyone is committed to the project will be essential. To make sure that this semester is successful I will have to continue to work towards the goal of my site and communicate with my site should any problems or concerns arise.

  36. Shayla Encarnacion says:

    I have had to work on a team for different projects at Catholic Charities, but it has been great. They have always trusted me to do my part and I always am open to asking questions whenever I need the help. The most challenging thing for me is that most of the employees are busy with their actual work and sometimes do not have the time to work alongside with me.
    I haven’t had the time to work with a “site team” because all of our Bonners are at different sites, so I have not had time to work with them.
    I think the only thing really to do is to make sure to do check-ins with the group of Bonners in different Catholic Charities’ sites. This will help make sure everyone is on the same page throughout the semester.

  37. Shelby says:

    The best part about working as a team is you are able to get to know different work strategies, and get diverse perspectives. However working as a team does have its challenges, at my site the biggest problem I face on working as a team is finding people who are viable to help when you have questions or have finished the task and need something else to do. I do not often work with other bonners at my site, the most recent project that was somewhat team work was for our one event that we did. Most of the work was also done while we were on break so we were not able to work on it as much as we had thought we were. If we were to work on another project, what I would hope to see is communication (not that I had any problems working with this person). I feel that I do not need more than I already get from my site team supervisors.

  38. Gregory Winkelstern says:

    It is always nice to be working around Bonner peers as well as the full time employees of the organization. The support system provided by the team is always comforting. The most challenging part about working as a team at TRIP has been being organized about who is doing what. There is a good amount of volunteers at the site which is super great but it can get complicated. It is crucial to make sure that each volunteer is being used in the most efficient way for the operation. The main way we have tackled this is by having a large white board in the middle of the office with volunteer scheduling, current tasks and to do tasks.

    Teamwork has played a role into the success of my site team by helping each other on the different tasks and departments each volunteer is working in.

    I hold the members of my site accountable to make sure that they are committed to the team by doing my best to foster a friendly but also highly productive environment in which we work in.

    I can move forward with my site team to ensure a successful semester by continue to push hard as the second semester comes to a close and we may wish to become more lazy. I will need to support and drive of my site supervisor to do this. I will need motivation and excitement from my ACE team to do this.

  39. Michael Averill says:

    In my second semester of college, teamwork has really made the dream work. Castle Island is a very small school. Since the site is so small, it is even more imperative that teamwork is at the core of our service. I am grateful to the school’s director who always makes time to meet with me about the projects that I am working on.

    Recently, I was given the opportunity to develop a connectivity system for the members of my site. Now, all six Bonners at our site can constantly update a Google Sheet that has a personal page for each of us. We can see each other’s; work interests (for example, mine is Outreach), current projects, and future deadlines. I see this as an extremely effective way to connect our team even when we’re not serving at the same time.

    I’m excited for the new opportunities to keep our site together and to keep teamwork at the forefront of our mission. Teamwork definitely makes the dream work. Our dream is the continued development of accessible bilingual and peace education.

    • Katie Zyniecki says:

      It sounds like you created a great tool Michael- I would love to see what it looks like and possibly share it with other site teams!

  40. Grace Harris says:

    Team work does make the dream work. I am so lucky that I feel so comfy leaving Girl Scouts in such good hands. The GS team is working hard at coming up with new curriculum and trying to get the girls to engage (it’s harder than it looks lol).I think the most amazing thing about our Girl Scout Team is that we all come in with very different styles of learning and teaching as well as interacting with the girls. This makes for a great combo and I think we balance each other out perfectly.

    I have had no issues with communication or accountability, one thing that I am super proud of is that we are great a letting the team know if there is a personal issue or an issue with the program (the group chat is lit). Likewise if someone says they are going to do something it gets done.Once again I have been so lucky and I am looking forward to a strong finish!

  41. Tristan Hunzinger says:

    For the majority of the year, I have worked in the guidance office at Green Tech on my own, helping one of the counselors, Mrs. Hughes, with tasks like college applications and essays and financial aid. Recently though, Kiara and I have teamed up to work on creating the yearbook and that has gone very well so far. It is a big task and the most challenging part will be completing it in the short time frame we have, but I am excited to be working on a project with a fellow Bonner!

    So far, being able to cooperate with Mrs. Hughes and helping take some of the stress off her job by providing assistance to her students has been great. I think having an extra pair of hands is always helpful, so I am glad I can be fulfilling that role.

    I think our site team check-ins with Draya have been great in ensuring everyone at GT is on the same page, accountable for our roles on the team, and enjoying our service. Going forward, I think we need to start discussing how we are going to fill Monique’s shoes when she leaves next semester. Other than that, things here are going very well!

    • Katie Zyniecki says:

      Will we get to see some of the yearbook once it’s completed?! I’m glad you’re starting to think about what things might look like after Monique’s transition!

  42. Alyssa Lofaro says:

    Over the last two years, I have really enjoyed being apart of the PA team. I have liked getting to the know the PA betters, getting to know the”behind the scenes” of the More House, and getting to work with the other PA’s on different projects. The best part of working as a team is that we all have one goal, that we want the program to be the best it can be, however, the most challenging part can is how we get to our goal. We all have different visions of how to make the program the best it can be and sometimes it can be challenging to agree but at the end of the day we have to look at the whole picture and realize its not about what we think is best, its what is best from the program as a whole and the students a part of the program.

    I think that is very noticeable when another PA is not committed to the team and is not completing the work they said we were going to do. That being said in order for our team to run smoothly, we all need to make sure we are completing the tasks we said we would otherwise there will be consequences for the whole team. I think the best thing to make sure we are all be held accountable is to “call each other out” in a nice way, and ask if you need help completing the task.

    To ensure a successful semester for the PA team we need to make sure we are including each other on all the tasks we have, making sure we know what everyone in the office is working and just making sure we work as a cohesive unit. Making sure that nobody is above each other.

  43. Abby Hoekman says:

    The best part about working as a team is that you always have a second opinion and set of eyes to review your work and give you constructive criticism and support through your individual and combined tasks. The most challenging aspect of teamwork is figuring out how to equally distribute the workload. Teamwork is essential to the success of our site team at Unity House, especially being that Alexis and I are the only two Bonners there and we are constantly balancing a constant flow of tasks and projects together. We remain accountable by encouraging one another in our individual projects and roles and remind each other of the importance of our tasks when we are working together, regardless of how mundane the tasks may seem. In order to ensure a successful semester with my site team I think I will need to practice delegating tasks more and asking for help when I need it. Furthermore, I need open communication and compromise from my site supervisor, especially when it comes to discussing future projects that my supervisor envisions for me. Thus far, my ACE team has been incredibly encouraging and remind me daily that they are there to talk or help in whatever way they can, continuing to reach out to others when I am struggling this semester will be pertinent to my success at my site.

    • Alexis D'Aloia says:

      Thanks for being such an awesome site team buddy! I am so glad we have one another to lean on and I am looking forward to serving alongside you next year! Keep up the great work– I am so proud of you 🙂 #weloveUnityHouse

  44. Alexis D'Aloia says:

    For me, the best part about working as a team is that there is always someone there to lean on and to help you if you are struggling with a task. The most challenging part is delegating tasks to each person and deciding who is best fit to do something. Teamwork has played a huge role into the success of my site team as there are only two of us at my site. Abby and I have had to work closely with one another to accomplish all of the tasks coming our way because of our small team. I have learned to work well with the staff members there in order to gain support from them in addition to the support I get from Abby. I think accountability is something that comes naturally at my site especially when one of us is not there for a day. I remain aware that I am dedicated to this site team and therefore when Abby is absent that I must step up and fulfill both of our roles (and vice versa– Abby is awesome). We both hold each other responsible for our individual tasks and work together to ensure that we are both getting our work done. In order to be successful moving forward this semester I think it is important that I remain open and honest with my site team and that we continue to communicate effectively both on campus and at our site. From my site supervisors I need them to understand our needs as students and to be open to helping us learn new skills at my site. From my ACE team, I need them to encourage me and act as a strong support system.

    • Abby Hoekman says:

      Thanks for being such an awesome site team buddy! I am so glad we have one another to lean on and I am looking forward to serving alongside you next year! Keep up the great work– I am so proud of you

  45. Emma Henderschedt says:

    Within my social work field placement/My Bonner site, I work with a team of a few MSW student interns. The best part about working with a team is learning more about the social work profession within the context of graduate programs. The most challenging part about working as a team is coming together when everyone comes from different life experiences, education backgrounds, and different values. This can be hard because we tend to solve problems in different ways.

    Teamwork plays a role in the success of my site because we have clients that need a variety of resources: employment, housing, food, legal help, financial assistance, and more. We have to come together to create action plans for our clients based on all of our areas of expertise. At my site, we hold people accountable by having monthly staff meetings to check in. I have found that in my Bonner sites, learning the “adult skills” of speaking up and facing confrontation in a mature way to be super helpful. It is a skill that a lot of people in the work place do not have and it is important to be comfortable with advocating for yourself and discussing conflict.

    Within my site, I hope to continue practicing teamwork as we plan more activities, outreach opportunities, and individual clients come in for assistance. The monthly staff meetings are beneficial and I will continue to utilize them as well as direct supervision.

  46. Monique Lawrence says:

    As someone who came into the program freshman year with no one else at my site, having a team is very important to me because it allows me to be able to bounce ideas and topics for certain things with other people before taking it to my supervisor. Now that I am a team of three at Green Tech, some of the good things that are great about being on the team is that we are all able to come together and talk about ideas with each other and also able to share different experiences with the young men about being in college, the application process and the things that they are able to do outside of the school doors that will make them better citizens in society. One of the challenges that come with being on a school team is that we may not agree on what idea or solution would work for a certain student. In order to make sure that each person is completing the tasks that need to be completed, all 3 of us are assigned to one of the three counselors and is given a list of things to complete but we will tend to work together to something like a scholarship and job board for the students or something similar that will benefit the community.

    As a senior who is slowly stepping out of the position, I would want the rest of the team to find ways to keep track of the work that they do and have more checks in with the support staff at Green Tech. I know that Kiara will be a great site supervisor and that Tristan will be able to lead more support groups for the students.

  47. Samantha Gisleson says:

    At Capital Roots, most of my work is done individually, or on my own. However I did get the chance to work closely with other Bonners and the rest of the development team to organize Capital Roots’ Annual Garden Bowl. The best part about this was getting to work with new people at Capital Roots while also getting to work with Bonners who I don’t normally work with at service. The challenging part was finding times for everyone to meet and sharing ideas effectively. However, in order to ensure the success of the Garden Bowl we all had to do our best to work with what we had and hold each other to completing certain tasks. For example, a fellow Bonner and myself were in charge of finding new ways to advertise, as well as new businesses that would be willing to donate prizes for the event.

    I can move forward with my team to ensure a successful semester by continuing to communicate issues I may have and to ask questions I may have. All I need from my site supervisor and the ACE team is for them to continue supporting me and helping me to solve problems that may arise throughout the semester. Overall, I look forward to this next semester and hope to work more closely with my site team.

    • Jamie del Rosario says:

      It is really awesome sometimes in these more individual settings to work with a team on certain projects. I’m glad you got the experience here!

  48. Madison Kousoulas says:

    The best part about working as a team at School 2 has been the enjoyment that we all feel when the Girl Scouts love our lesson plans. We spend time each week coming up with different ideas and activities for each meeting and it pays off when we actually implement them. One of the more challenging aspects of being a team is trying to figure out when all of us can meet. Our group has very different schedules which makes it hard to have the same designated time each week to come up with new lesson plans. Often times we are emailing each other with late changes and new additions.

    Having each team member to depend on when something goes wrong or when the girls do not particularly enjoy the lesson of the day is very helpful. We all work efficiently together and try to come up with different solutions to the problem at hand. We all constantly communicate and I think that is the best way to hold each other accountable. There is never a moment where we do not know what to do next or what is going on because there is always a conversation being had.

    If we continue to do what we have been doing, this semester will go great! I am really excited to start introducing new activities that the girls have asked for and to hopefully have every girl engaged in each activity that we do.

    • Grace Harris says:

      I am so glad to hear you are excited about this semester! Can’t wait to see what else we do this semester!

  49. Emerald Power says:

    Working on the PA team for the last three years has been the best( most challenging) aspect of my time in Bonner. It is amazing to be able to have others to rely on when you have a team. Support is essential when working in a team and the support I have received through our PA team throughout the years has allowed my confidence to expand. Taking on new and challenging projects do not feel as daunting when you have others to bounce ideas off and cheer you on along the way. It has it challenges because people rightful have different opinions and approaches. However, I think the most important thing to remember in any team or relationship is, that despite the differences you are all aiming for a common goal no matter the point of action and way you achieve it!

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