Partner Spotlight | TRIP

Partner Spotlight | TRIP

December 11, 2019 Stories from ACE 2

Troy Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (TRIP)’s mission is to connect individuals and families with resources and knowledge to live in desirable homes and create vibrant sustainable communities. This is TRIP’s fourth year as a community partner site, and there are currently five Bonners serving among their three locations. Bonner projects include working with social media, administrative duties, accounting tasks, resident services, eviction prevention, and homeownership.

TRIP holds different events throughout the year including their annual “Take a Sip for TRIP!” fundraiser and partnership celebrations. Currently, TRIP is working on multiple new housing development projects which will greatly benefit the Capital District area. The Bonners were involved in the startup of one of the projects through their service day at TRIP in October 2017. Bonner alum Billy Mayer ’18 was serving at TRIP and as a PA at the time and coordinated a service day where Bonners helped to clean up one of the homes that is now part of the organization’s current development project. It is exciting to see that the work from this service day has continued to support TRIP’s mission.

Executive Director Christine Nealon and her incredible teamwork to keep the focus on building up relationships with the Bonners. Christine says, “It’s essential that as much as we get from the Bonners at our site, they are learning more from us.” I had the honor of visiting TRIP this semester to tour the organization and shadow some of our Bonners. It was a great experience and clear that the partnership has grown in the past four years and serves as a great learning opportunity for both the students that serve there and the organization as well!

Jamie del Rosario ’20
Bonner Service Leader, Program Associate

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